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‘Mega Man Legends 3’ 8-bit remake on the way

With the help of the ‘Mega Man’ fan community and a few notable Capcom employees, the long desired and disappointingly cancelled “Mega Man Legends 3” will be remade for the Nintendo 3DS.

Promotional image for Mega Man Legends 3.

100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3, the fan initiative whose goal is self-evident from their title, have teamed up with their Japanese equivalent, Rockman DASH 3 Reboot Team, to bring the cancelled title back. With their combined efforts, the “Mega Man” fan groups are remaking “Mega Man Legends 3” as an 8-bit game for the 3DS eShop. A prototype of their work can be seen in the embedded video.

What sets this fan remake apart from others is the enlisting of Capcom’s Hideki Ishikawa and Makoto Tomozawa to the “Mega Man Legends 3” project. Ishikawa, a designer from the “Mega Man” series such as “Legends,” will illustrate the box art for “Mega Man Legends 3.” Tomozawa, a composer for Capcom, will score the remake’s music in classic 8-bit style.

The partnered “Mega Man” fan communities plan to release their “Mega Mans Legends 3” remake in August, if donations and development goes well. Presumably, the 8-bit remake is happening to show Capcom that support for “Mega Man Legends 3” is still strong and to encourage them to work on it again. With Capcom’s previous support of the fan-made “Street Fighter X Mega Man,” the goal for the “Mege Man Legends 3” remake doesn’t seem as far-fetched as one would think.


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