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Mega Man 10 review

Mega Man 10 is well worth downloading.
Mega Man 10 is well worth downloading.

Mega Man is back, in all his 8-bit glory! Again! Yes, after 2008’s return to form for the series in Mega Man 9, Capcom and the Blue Bomber return with Mega Man 10, and it’s still a challenging blast from the past.

Almost all Mega Man games, six being the exception, are known for their high difficultly level. This is the case once again in Mega Man 10, and purists and longtime fans of the series will certainly enjoy all the spikes, pits and bosses that await.

That said, the challenge might turn away potential new fans of the series. Capcom has remedied this with the new, aptly titled easy mode. Mega Man takes less damage, there are additional platforms and more health capsules to pick up. It certainly makes the game easier, and those who have never played a Mega Man game before can certainly use this a nice, non-intimidating introduction to the series.

Longtime fans have the normal mode, an unlockable hard mode, and numerous challenges. These challenges range from beating a boss without taking damage to jumping across a series of wide pits. The challenges are certainly doable, but can cause frustration, as any Mega Man game should.

Also challenging are the boss fights. The Mega Man is known for some awesome boss battles, and the newest installment keeps this tradition alive. You have some great- and some bizarre- Robot Masters ahead of you. Strike Man and Sheep Man stand out as the strangest of the bunch. Seriously- Sheep Man? And he attacks with Thunder Wool? Sure, why not?

The copy ability is back, naturally. Upon beating a Robot Master, you get their attack. Each Robot Master is weak against a certain attack- for example, Pump Man's Water Shield is super effective against Solar Man. Other attacks include Triple Blade, Wheel Cutter and the aforementioned Thunder Wool.

As previously mentioned, the game is 8-bit, and this is reflected by its graphics and soundtrack. While the soundtrack isn’t quite as catchy as Mega Man 9, it’s still good. Returning to 8-bit graphics was a bold move in 2008, and it’s still striking to see a new 8-bit game released in 2010. The graphics work well for the series, but don’t expect a realistic blue bomber.

Downloadable content is coming to the game. For a price, you will be able to play as Bass, get three additional stages and an Endless Attack Mode. Bass costs 200 Wii Points, while each stage is 100 Wii Points. Endless Attack Mode is the most expensive, and it will set up back 300 Wii Points.

Proto Man, who was available as DLC in Mega Man 9, is available from the start of Mega Man 10. He takes twice as much damage as the blue bomber, but has a charge shot and can slide. It’s a nice addition to the game.

Mega Man 10 is a good addition to the series, and has new features that make it accessible to both longtime fans and those new to the series. It’s definitely worth the 1,000 Wii Point download.

Score: 8.5 out of 10


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