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Mega Man 10 is coming!

Mega Man returns in Mega Man 10!
Mega Man returns in Mega Man 10!

Every so often, Nintendo Power has a huge, exclusive scoop, and they had one such scoop in their 250th issue: Mega Man 10 is coming to WiiWare.

The following was announced in the issue:

-There is a disease going about called Robotenza. This disease causes robots to overheat and go crazy, and it is up to Mega Man to find a vaccine-making device to stop it.

-Proto Man is playable from the beginning of the game. He was paid-for DLC in Mega Man 9.

-There will be a third playable character. Some rumors suggest it will be Bass, but nothing is confirmed.

-A computer-themed stage was confirmed. It features mouse pointer enemies. These enemies draw boxes to throw at you, and the level features color-changing disappearing blocks and power treadmills, among other dangerous obstacles.

-A vertically-oriented lava level was confirmed. It features enemies that can duplicate themselves and conveyor belts that push you down towards the lava.

-Bosses include Sheep Man, who turns into 4 clouds that hover above and attack with lightning. Beating him earns the Thunder Wool attack.

-The game features an easy mode.

There is no denying the appeal of success of Capcom's Mega Man 9, which took the series back to Mega Man's 2D, NES routes. This ode to old school gaming continues in Mega Man 10, and it will be interesting to see what else Capcom offers with this new title.


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