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Meeting Paul McCartney at the Beacon Theatre -- a first-person account in words and pictures


Paul McCartney and Paul Fournier at the Beacon Theatre. Below, Paul and Nancy
Shevell. (Photos courtesy Paul Fournier)

  We've mentioned the reports here and here that Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell were at the Paul Simon Beacon Theatre show that included the reunion with Art Garfunkel. Here's an account from Paul Fournier, who was there and not only saw Paul and Nancy, but had his picture taken with him: 

 "I attended Paul Simon's two concerts at the Beacon Theatre in NYC last
Friday and Saturday nights.  The concerts were just excellent - and a
dream come true for any Simon fan.  However, I'll leave my detailed
comments on those shows for more appropriate websites.
"You can imagine my surprise when, after the lights went down on Friday
night at the beginning of the show, I see Paul McCartney and Nancy
Shevell pass right in front of me!  My seat was in the left side front
orchestra in the third row very near the center aisle.  Paul and Nancy
walked in front of my section and then down the center aisle to their
seats about six rows in back of me in the center front orchestra
section.  Paul's seat was right on the center aisle.  As a result, they
were very close to me for the whole show. 
"Luckily, there was an intermission between Acts I and II.  At the
intermission, Paul and Nancy walked back down the center aisle the way they came in right past my seat again to likely go hang out backstage  during the intermission.  I took some nice video of this which I posted at the following link
"When Act II was ready to start, with the lights still on, Paul and Nancy came back out from backstage and walked in same  direction towards my seat again to get back to their seats.  As a result, I saw a great opportunity to go say hello.  I told Paul that I was a huge fan and asked for a photo.  He joked, "you're not that huge."  I think I was still laughing from his joke in the photo, but it's all good, the photo shows how happy I was.  As he walked off, I patted him on the back and thanked him for all of the excellent music. 
"Paul seemed to really be enjoying the show.  They stayed until the very
end, which makes sense because the final encore was three song set by a
reunited Simon and Garfunkel.  After the show was over, Paul and Nancy
passed by me again and then went backstage for a few minutes where there
was a get together of the performers and many famous guests that were in
attendance (including Mayor Bloomberg, Jon Bon Jovi, Rosie O'Donnell,
James Gandolfini, Whoopi Goldberg, Jimmy Fallon, etc.). 
"I went outside to the backstage door after the show ended and Paul and
Nancy were amongst the first to come out.  Paul was very gracious,
taking some time to sign autographs and converse briefly with people
waiting out there.  Being a fan since I was 10 years old (30 years ago
now!), this evening was very special to me so I wanted to share it here
with other McCartney fans.
"Here's the link to some photos and videos.  Be sure to also click the
link at the bottom of this page to move to page 2 to see the video of
Paul exiting the theater, signing autographs and talking to people out
"Keep up the excellent work on the website, I always enjoy it very much."


  • Barb Wright 6 years ago

    What a lucky person to have a great evening of music at the Beacon Theatre and then get to meet Sir Paul and Nancy! Must live under a special star!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Michelle C 6 years ago

    Oh. Such a nice story! Thank you for sharing. She says w/ envy. :)

  • Marie 6 years ago

    Paul F - thanks for letting us share your great evening.

  • Andrea 6 years ago

    Paul - this is a great story! I got goosebumps reading it. I only hope I can be as lucky as you to be in the right place at the right time and someday meet Paul!! Really happy for you!

  • Kathleen 6 years ago

    LOVED your story! And the video was great! It reminded me of the night he performed at shea stadium...once in a life time experience. And I bet seeing Simon and Garfunkle was just icing on the cake! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Kris 6 years ago

    Thank you, Paul, so much for sharing this dream come true with us! What a great story... and what a lovely man he is!

  • Allan 6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this magic moment with us,Paul.
    Glad you got to meet with Paul and show how truly a great guy he really is,I'm a fan of 25 years,it's been a wonderful journey.

  • Mick 6 years ago

    What a thrill for you! I imagine that was quite an evening. Great concert and great audience.

  • David Freis 6 years ago

    Very nice story...glad you got a pic and to meet him.

  • Tina 6 years ago

    What an unexpected bonus to an already spectacular evening! Thanks for sharing it with everybody.

  • Karen Ormes 6 years ago

    Paul Fornier--you did a fabulous job with photos and video!!! So enjoyed everything. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us at MACCA-L and at!

    Best wishes,

    Karen in VA