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Meeting of the crocodiles

Lake Compounce
Lake Compounce
Lake Compounce

This year marks the 133rd reunion of the historic Crocodile Club on September 5 at Lake Compounce in Bristol Connecticut. This unique gathering was first started in 1875 by Gad Norton, a former legislator and owner of Lake Compounce Amusement Park as it was known back then. Norton planned the meeting of the first Crocodile Club to thank his friends in the Legislature for their help in passing a state law that changed the town line between Bristol and Southington because Norton wanted his farmhouse in Bristol. To establish his residence in Bristol was very important to Norton because it was here that he did most of his trading and where he new many people, plus travel to Bristol was only three miles as opposed to six miles to Southington and in the days of horses and carriages and dirt roads, this three mile difference was challenging.

Norton's concept for this thank-you dinner that has not changed over the years was to meet old and new friends alike, enjoy the unique menu that has also not changed since the inception of this event and to meet and greet all the important politicians of the day including candidates from all political parties. The only rule of the day was and still is that no serious politics were or are allowed. Norton's quote from 1875 is the mantra of this event: "there will be no serious politics allowed, no post-mortems from the last legislative session, -- just pleasant sociability, good fun, and good food."

Once again, this year, on September 5 activities will commence with a social hour and cash bar at noon giving participants the chance to meet new friends and to reconnect with old friends. The traditional dinner will be served at 1 p.m. in the ballroom at Lake Compounce and will consist of lamb and fried corn with all the trimmings. During lunch there will be a series of speeches, bad jokes and great fun... serious political speeches are just not allowed!

If you want to attend this historically unusual event send a check to the Crocodile Club for fifty dollars c/o the Carousel Museum, 95 Riverside Ave., Bristol, CT 06010 to receive a ticket to this event. For tickets contact the New England Carousel Museum, 95 Riverside Avenue, Bristol, CT 06010. 860 585-5411. or visit