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Meeting God on the 50 yard line

50 yard line of the game of life
50 yard line of the game of life

Meeting God on the 50 yard line!

To me, God stands for the grandiose object of our divinity rather than a single entity or energy, more so encompassing and filtering through us creating cohesion and movement much like collagen and the nervous system in an energy form we feel as love in your universal source of belief. In saying this, I am using God as a term of indentifying love and guidance,

A scenario of visioning how God and guidance works in our lives was given long ago as seeing myself as a player of the field, with guidance being the spectator, cheering me on and at the same time allowing me to call the plays and take accountability of what worked and what didn’t through my choices. Guidance would provide blocking and passes when needed for a more triumphant outcome to my game plays in life rather than me being the spectator waiting for the next move to be made. To understand we are a working force in our planning of the days of our lives and being willing to show at least a 50% effort in achieving the goals. Not from a rocking chair of thought and allowance – an effort of putting our self in the game and calling the plays. Taking the forward steps of motion in achieving in bringing what we desire into reality. Doing a personal best to stand equal in mortality to our spiritual being and creating a shared success in the end zone knowing we worked to accomplish and take the final dance.
Two attributes are known which create the backflow in bringing desire into reality, Love and Peace from within. You might wonder why I used “backflow”. In creating the energy of desire into physical reality becomes a process of a continuous energy being roped and creating a reverse momentum into the physical world. When done with a heartfelt love and peace, blocks are removed and passes are created on the path as the field opens and widens as desired. Actions taking a back line to the interpretation of feeling between yourself and guidance observing as spectators in the stands and when a block is created you are given the opportunity to observe the blockage, understand the thought process which created the block and what actions were or are being used which are hampering the pass beyond the blockage. Blockages being gifts in eliminating past errors in new cycles and once again creating a forward movement of life and evolution of the soul and these are also the times when many quickly ascertain God has not been there in life and yet in truth they are the times when spiritual energy is most active in life.

Living is the game of life, with the quality being how you live life opposed to just being present in life. Your book of life is the never ending story of the game you are playing right now – making choices and proceeding in the best interest of becoming the peace and feeling the love of within created and shared with your spectacular guidance assisting. The end zone will be crossed many times in the course of living; it is just your choice how you do the final dance, after many crosses or just a final cross after allowing the game to be played with you, rather than being you. Wrongs will not always be blocked and rights will not always be passes, meet at the 50 yard line and choose how to proceed, the next play comes from your never ending game book. Work hard, play hard and may the peace of consciousness always be your intuition! You are never alone.