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Meeting God on a return trip from Sinville

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Some of us are well acquainted with little, sad, empty, burdensome and despairing trips to Sinville. What some of us fail to realize is that Sinville is not our home, and it certainly is not our defining destination. For we are so much more than our weaknesses if only we would seek out the ever present source of transcendence in the humble divinity of Jesus Christ, Crucified and Risen.

Whether drugs, or sex, or gambling, or spending, or alcohol, or self-destructive behavior based upon low self-respect--resulting from believing in lies--we are so much more than our weaknesses and failures, so much more than our self-imposed restrictions, so much more than social much more in the Loving Mercy of Jesus.

For only in faith in the suffering Jesus, beaten, flogged, mocked, persecuted, accused, humiliated, and Crucified--though truly innocent--can we find solidarity, hope, strength, meaning, and salvation, all of which provide the necessary fuel (for a return trip to the Prodigal Father) from the lonely, empty hell of Sinville.

There is one obstacle, however.

The devil (yes, he's (or she's) real!), and the world (not God's beautiful Creation, but the systems and ideologies of foolish mankind), want us to keep permanent residence in Sinville. Lying to us about our Merciful God, telling us He is a big bully; lying to us about our human dignity, telling us that we are just material (not spiritual), therefore finding meaning solely in pleasure and accomplishment; and, finally, lying to us about the meaning of life, telling us that life is defined in conquest, they seek to dull our minds, through over-satiating our body, while ultimately killing our soul.

But, truth be told, only in the wooden Cross, and the metal nails, not to mention the spilled Blood of the Perfect Lover, will we find inner peace, true meaning, and an unbeatable exit plan from Sinville.