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Meeting featuring Colorado Governor Candidates, Jan. 25

Mark your calendar for a chance to meet Republican candidates for Governor on Saturday, January 25 at the Estes Park Museum Meeting room. The meeting starts at 1:00.

In an effort to promote the men (there are currently no women on the list) running for Governor against John Hickenlooper, four candidates will be hosted in Estes Park. Republican candidates will be given a few minutes to speak before answering questions and meeting the public. Also attending the meeting is George Leing, who is running for congress against Democrat Jared Polis.

The 2014 election cycle is in full swing and there are a number of qualified candidates running against sitting Governor, Democrat John Hickenlooper. Whether you agree with the politics of Hickenlooper, or question his strict gun control stance and progressive agenda, come meet the candidates running against him in Estes Park on Saturday:

Greg Brophy is currently a Conservative Colorado State Senator. He is a 4th generation Coloradoan and still farms the family land that his great grandmother staked as a homestead.

Steve House is a well known Colorado small businessman and healthcare entrepreneur. He is the Chairman of the Adams County Republicans and serves on Adam’s county school board.

Mike Kopp is a Colorado State Senator and was the Minority Leader of the Colorado Senate. Inspired by Ronald Reagan, Mike became an Army Ranger and saw combat in the Gulf War. He was also a hotshot firefighter and fought fires across Colorado

Jim Rundberg is a conservative Republican, Green Beret Soldier, and Vietnam Veteran. Jim is a Christian Conservative and is pro-life. He has created many jobs through his private businesses.

You may notice a few missing from the list. Tom Tancreado originally agreed to attend, but canceled recently, as did Scott Gessler.

Unseating elected representatives is always an uphill battle, however, the more information you have, the easier it is to get behind candidates. Find out what their agenda is while enjoying coffee and homemade cookies. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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