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Meet your new Power Rangers! Dino Charge make their debut at PMC 2014

It has come to be a passing of the torch event for Saban Brands to introduce the next team of Power Rangers during Power Morphicon. Much like the Super Sentai Red Ranger hand off at the end of each season, Saban's Power Rangers go through a sequence that fans have quickly grown to love.

Red Dino Charge Ranger costume on display
Photo by Alexander Kwok
The brand new cast for the 2015 team
Photo by Alexander Kwok

In the biggest panel of the entire convention, fans packed the main ballroom of the Pasadena Convention Center on Saturday to get a glimpse of the Super Megaforce cast. While the stars of the previous two seasons gave a terrific panel for fans to enjoy, the true reason the room was packed was in anticipation for the debut of the new rangers.

Meet the heroes of the next two seasons of Power Rangers. Red Ranger, Brennan Mejia. Black Ranger, James Davies. Green Ranger, Michael Taber. Blue Ranger,Yoshi Sudarso and the color Pink goes to the only female in the initial team, Camille Hyde.

The Dino Charge actors marched through the massive crowds and made their way onto stage in costume. The diverse ethnicity of the lineup shocked many people in the room. It was madness as excitement and shock came about during the reveal. Are you excited about the new team? Let me know what you think of the casting in the comments below and on Twitter!