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Meet your mate face-to-face

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If you're single, chances are high that you've tried one of the many online dating sites. And if you have, you've no doubt learned by now that when you join a site that is free you'll end up getting what you paid for. Yep, no cash generally means no quality. And lack of quality sometimes translates into sexy self-portraits of your potential mate posing in front of a toilet with the seat up. Or, duplicated E-mail messages requesting oil massage over at the Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang motel. Yikes. The truth is that online dating sites are awash in narcissism, dishonesty, flakery, misrepresentation & creepy people. My advice is to reject the slow, Byzantine, treacherous dance of dating people from online sites, and go old school. Meet people in person and look into their eyes! Meet face to face where what you see is what you get. Life is short. Cut out the middleman and go straight to the heart of the matter. So get off your computer and go outside and mingle if you're single! Maybe sign up for Austin Speed Dating. Don't knock it until you try it. It's hilariously entertaining. Besides, chemistry is experienced face to face. Not online. So log off and get out there and meet people face to face rather than trolling online. Who knows, tonight might be your night to find romance...