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Meet your local ghost hunters: Austin Paranormal Group


Amanda Foster - founder of APG

Since she was a child, Amanda Foster had always encountered ghostly experiences. “Just about every home I have ever lived in has had some level of paranormal activity” claimed Foster. Amanda Foster is the director and founder of Austin Paranormal Group, also known as APG, a group of volunteers who investigate claims of paranormal activity within the Central Texas region. Founded in April of 2008, APG is comprised of five investigators, who hold full-time jobs in various fields during the day, but at night they pull out their digital camcorders, audio recorders, and electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors which they hope will substantiate the various claims of paranormal activity that they receive on a regular basis.

“My adventure into paranormal investigations began when I lived in Layton, Utah” said Foster. Foster explained how, in 1998, she and her husband, Paul, bought a house – a “fixer-upper” – built sometime in the 1970s in a quiet neighborhood near Hill Air force Base. During their residency, the Fosters experienced phenomena such as moving lights, foreboding feelings that they were not alone, the sound of “old-time” music, and their dogs exhibited strange behavior, as if someone were poking at them. One night, as Foster walked upstairs to prepare for bed, some unseen force grabbed her arm as if to try to stop her from going upstairs. “I got the distinct feeling that they wanted to tell me something but just as the physical force grabbed me a freezing sensation went through my arm as if they couldn’t hold their grip” claimed Foster. “I said ‘OK, what do you want’ but got no response at all so I proceeded to finish my ascent up the stairs” continued Foster. This was a pivotal event for Mrs. Foster, so she decided to buy her first digital camera and start documenting the phenomena.

She began travelling to local cemeteries and alleged haunted locations, hoping to capture some evidence. Unaware of any local ghost hunting groups, Foster ventured out by herself. While she wouldn’t recommend anyone investigating alone, at the time Foster claimed that she did not know very many people who shared her interest in the paranormal. It wasn’t until she and Paul moved to Texas that she first investigated with a group of people who had similar experiences and interests. Foster joined a group on and was pleased to find others who shared her passion for the paranormal.

Foster soon decided to establish her own group. “The goal of APG has always been to help people in need of our services”, said Foster. While taking on many residential cases, APG has also investigated some fascinating places such as the County Seat (a restaurant in Georgetown, Texas), Airy Mount Bed and Breakfast (home of the famous Brigadier General Adam Rankin, Jr.), Longhorn Caverns, and Aquarena Center.

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