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Meet world's next Neurological Surgeon, Baltimore youth, Ari Jones - Part 1

Future Leader - Neurological Surgeon
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Humility is the fear of the LORD; its wages are riches and honor and life. Proverbs 22:4

Ari D. Jones is a name that will not soon be forgotten… so pay close attention and remember his name. It will certainly be among names regarded like Dr. Benjamin Carson and Dr. Keith Black or perhaps even President Barack Obama. His legacy, similar to those aforementioned has already begun to form and even now, a young Mr. Jones is leaving his footprints as an example to others of all races, colors, creeds and ages….So who is Ari D. Jones?

Ari is a young man with a clear defined purpose and goal to become one of the world’s next renowned African American male Neurological Surgeons. Born of Thomas & Monica Jones on September 5th, 1992, Ari has allowed himself to take advantage of all his opportunities as an African American male ever since birth. Currently the Woodlawn High School Class of 2010 Valedictorian & President, Ari has been a stellar scholar and activist throughout his high school career.

Attending Woodlawn High School since ninth grade, Ari has consistently made the Honor Roll every quarter while challenging himself to take rigorous Advanced Placement, Gifted & Talented and Honors courses through a college preparatory program called AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination). Accepting the challenge to a be a student leader since freshman year, Ari was the President of the 100-Strong Male Role Models as well as member of the National Honor Society, Student Government and the AVID site team. In early January, Ari was recognized as a Fullwood Foundation Scholar for his academic achievement, community service and future goals and aspirations.

In early March, Ari was recognized as a Studio “A” Scholarship Cotillion recipient and also Most Outstanding Debutante. He was an active member of the Fashion Club & Yearbook Committee, working as a Photographer in both organizations while currently developing his skills to become a great photographer. An avid music lover, Ari was also the President of the Woodlawn High School Choir and has been involved in the program since his freshman year of high school.

Outside of school, Ari volunteers in the community, lending his services to the Emerald States Retirement Home, Evangelistic Outreach, Peer Tutorial Sessions, Toy Drives, Blood Drives and Turkey Drives. Ari also works with the PTSA and Alumni Association of Woodlawn High School as a liaison to the student body to change the school and welcome in a new era at Woodlawn High School. In his spare time, Ari enjoys professional photography, tutoring peers, networking, assisting his student body and producing music.

So how does one, develop such strong ambitions and stay focused enough to stay on the pathway toward success? The Baltimore Christian Living Examiner had an opportunity to interview the Class Valedictorion of the 2010 Woodlawn High School Graduating Class to find out what fuels his desires and motivates him to press forward.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Mr. Jones and I want to encourage you to read his entire story that will pick back up in Part 2. In the interim, we’d like to encourage any of our readers to support this young man through your prayers. If you feel led to contribute financially to this young man’s educational endeavors you may do so using the following contact information:

Ari Jones Scholarship Fund


Ari Jones is also available for speaking engagements. To book him you may call or e-mail him using the contact information provided above. Please stay tuned for the second part to this inspiring article highlighting Baltimore's own Ari Jones, the next Nuerological Surgeon and world leader!



  • Profile picture of Beverly Mucha
    Beverly Mucha 4 years ago

    Great story and review of Ari Jones. Thanks for sharing his story with us.

  • Lynn Pinder 4 years ago

    Great article, Joy

  • Brandi Lee 4 years ago

    You go boy! Much continued success. Great you much!

  • Profile picture of Victoria Poller
    Victoria Poller 4 years ago

    Impressive for only 18 years. Good background Joy. I had gotten behind in my reading and writing again, but I'm catching up now. Merry Christmas to your family from my family.

  • Tara Dargan 4 years ago

    So very proud of Ari..thats what having a great family will do for you...Great article, can't wait for part 2!

  • MISSY 3 years ago

    Sounds like some good news to me. Great job Ari

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