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Meet wise Andi, 'The Bachelorette' that dumped Juan Pablo Galavis

And Dorfman has been chosen as "The Bachelorette."
And Dorfman has been chosen as "The Bachelorette."
ABC/The Bachelor/Screenshot

After Juan Pablo’s arrogant departure on Monday night’s season finale of "The Bachelor," 26-year-old Andi Dorfman was introduced as "The Bachelorette". The intelligent Assistant District Attorney for Fulton County in Georgia gained fans when she dumped the ignorant Galavis after the infamous “Fantasy Suite” dates, yet there are those that feel she isn't any different than her ex-TV-boyfriend.

Many of the bachelorettes knew immediately Juan Pablo lacked substance and left before “The Bachelor” had a chance to break more hearts, and Andi was one of the smart ones. As soon as she woke up with Juan Pablo after the overnight dates, Andi bolted to as far away from Galavis as possible, calling “The Bachelor” a rude, offensive, self-centered name-dropper.

The Fantasy Suite turned into a nightmare. The whole night was just a disaster. I hope he did not think that went well. I just didn’t see someone that cared for me. It is extremely important for me to be with a guy who loves me more than he loves himself.

The new “Bachelorette” discussed her disappointments with Juan Pablo and continued to press her point for some type of emotion from “The Bachelor” who was simply “ok” with her departure. Nikki needs to take a cue from her former cast-mates and walk away from Galavis’ obnoxious demeanor.

Although Andi garnered many fans after she dumped Juan Pablo, there are naysayers that feel she is not a good choice as “The Bachelorette.” Comments under ABC’s post believe Andi is also arrogant, full of herself and annoying, while others criticized the network and “The Bachelor” producers for its maltreatment of Juan Pablo. Did these viewers not see when Galavis’ own family stated how difficult and rude he is?

Andi is the youngest of three girls and enjoys hunting, fishing and shopping. Like it or leave it, "The Bachelorette" season premiere with Andi Dorfman occurs May 19 on ABC.

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