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Meet Victoria Stokes: Farrah Abraham's fake boyfriend's REAL girlfriend

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Everyone already knows that "Couple's Therapy" starlet, Farrah Abraham is a liar. On Jan. 6 Radar Online proves it to be even more true with an exclusive interview from Victoria Stokes, Farrah Abraham's "fake" boyfriend's REAL girlfriend.

Ms. Stokes claims that Farrah received Brian's number from his agent and they created a plan to fake a relationship to get onto "Couple's Therapy" which would help bring light to both of their careers. In the end, Dawe felt badly over the prospect of cashing out at Farrah's expense and had no intentions of dating her "in real life... ever."

During the whole "faux-mance" being flaunted between Dawe and Ms. Abraham, Brian Dawe was in a committed relationship with Victoria Stokes, since March 2013. She knew about the fake romance and while she didn't approve, didn't say anything about it.

She says that the reality of her boyfriend's scam hit her as she was driving him to the airport to start filming "Couple's Therapy" and Brian realized that he didn't want to be apart of Farrah's scam and called the producers and told them so. Brian claims he is surprised that the show is still continuing with their story that he ditched Farrah, and that she is sticking to her guns, even after he has gone public about lying about their relationship.

Do you think Farrah should drop the act, especially now that Victoria Stokes, Brian Dawe's real girlfriend has stepped out of the shadows?