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Meet up with some new furry friends with

Sampson at a meet up from
Sampson at a meet up from
by: Kristy Hoefler

     Tired of the same old song and dance? Looking for a new place to take your four legged best friend? Then check out It's a social network where there is a group for just about everything.

     On there are breed groups, dog scout groups, rescue groups you name it. And they have tons of events and outings to go on. One day you could be hiking a mountian, the next going to a new dog park for you dog's breed, say boxer, or great dane.

     The best part is you can choose a new place every week, have new adventures, and meet new friends for you and you dog. And there everywhere so if you move all you have to do is pick a new group. Simple. All you need is a computer and the internet. Check it out!