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Meet Two Angry Moms


Hamburgers, french fries, chicken nuggets, pizza, pop, chips, cookies...on any given day that's what kids across America are eating for lunch. And it's no wonder that childhood obesity have more than tripled in the past two decades. For years, Amy Kalafa would pack healthy lunches for her kids, only to find that she was being undermined by the school's unhealthy offerings. So she did what any angry mom would do, she made a movie. She partnered with Susan Rubin, MD (aka the "other mom"), and a leader in the better school food movement.

The movie Two Angry Moms is part expose and part "how to" outlining this grass roots revolution to improve the nutritional quality of school food. According to former Texas Agricultural Secretary Susan Combs, "It will take 2 million angry moms to change school food." This gave Amy an idea.... Build from 2 to 2 million angry moms.

So if you are angry and want to do something, you can go to the Angry Moms website for a list of resources. Here are a few I like:

If you'd like to join the Two Angry Moms movement, here are some ideas for you: