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Meet the zoo babies!

Baby Camel "Bogart"
Baby Camel "Bogart"

In the famous words of Dr. Dolittle, May is the time to “talk to the animals” at the Cincinnati Zoo. This is the month the zoo celebrates its new arrivals in a big way.

Kids and grownups alike love to ooh and ahh at adorable baby animals. And their magnetic appeal goes way beyond cuteness. Like human babies, just because they can’t talk doesn’t mean they don’t communicate. Besides making noises, they use their facial expressions, bodies, and sometimes even tails to communicate their feelings and needs. Since they’re only beginning to get acquainted with the outside world —and this includes you—they’re absolutely fascinating to watch!

This year the zoo boasts an exotic array of zoo babies for families and adults to enjoy. including a baby camel, Florida manatee, African hedgehogs, a barn oil, bat eared fox, baby wallabies, and many more.

Presented by Coldwell Banker West Shell, the 26th annual Zoo Babies celebration, May 1-31, also features several award-winning children’s entertainers to delight the entire family. For more information, see the Cincinnati Zoo website at

When you talk to the zoo babies, they’ll enchant you with their responses!