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Meet the seven shop owners before 'Ink Master' returns on February 25

David Bell from Fredericksburg, Virginia
David Bell from Fredericksburg, Virginia
Spike TV

Tattoo fans cannot wait for Spike TV’s mega-hit “Ink Master” that will be returning for a fourth season on February 25. Prior to the start of this series, meet the seven male tattooers, who own their own tattoo shops. Their experience ranges from six to twenty years and each will be vying for the title of “Ink Master,” editorial feature in Inked and a cool $100,000.

David Bell from Fredericksburg, VA, who received most of his twenty years of tattooing education on the West Coast, has returned home where he opened his own shop two years ago. Widely known on the convention circuit, his shop, TLA Tattoos houses award-winning artists who can accommodate any type of tattoo. See his portfolio here.

Kyle Dunbar is the Michigan guy who earned his way back to the competition from last season’s live tattoo challenge against Chris May in the season finale. Kyle is the owner of Almighty Tattoo in Flint. He primarily opened his own shop after being fired from all his hometown shops because of his badass attitude. Expect to see him bring his abrasiveness and 20 years of experience to season four where he will expect to take no prisoners.

Jim Francis is the owner and artist at Milwaukee Ink in Wisconsin. A true Harley lover, his shop is the only tattoo shop in the world located within a Harley Davidson flagship dealership. Jim brings his twelve years experience, some earned in California to season four. With a slight disadvantage, this artist is partially color blind, but don’t let that fool you, just take a look at his portfolio here. This self-taught artist is known for his Japanese and black and gray photorealism work, but favors working in the traditional style.

Halo is the owner of Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery in Severn, Md. With almost ten years of experience, this phenom has all the confidence to take home the title. After winning over 150 awards within the past four years, this artist and cancer survivor who travels to numerous conventions honing his craft, is ready to win it all. Halo took the holistic approach when learning of his cancer diagnosis, as he treats his life experiences; just another success story. Check out his work here.

Bubba Irwin is from Scottsdale, Ariz. and prides himself as a 100% self-taught artist. This owner and artist at Old Town Ink, in his hometown
has seven years experience and his confidence comes from the knowledge he gained through years of practice and the work ethic he gained from his father. His specialty is realism and portrait tattoos as shown here.

King Ruck is a Las Vegas guy with six years experience tattooing.
Owner and artist at Black Spade Tattoo and Red Elephant Tattoo in Las Vegas, this artist was a respected graffiti artist where he earned the name King, and the name Ruck is a shortened version of Ruckus, which was his tag name. Known for his fine lines, smooth grays, and detail work, he does not shy away from any challenge, as his work here shows.

Roland Pacheco with eight years experience, owns Xisle Custom Tattoo in Hawi, Hawaii. This well-rounded sixth generation Polynesian is a self-taught tattoo artist, who has been fascinated with art since childhood. He even created his own comic books in his youth, ensuring he would go on to bigger and more artistic things. To see his work, check here.

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