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Meet The River Otter at Lincoln Children's Zoo

The friendly and playful River Otter!
The friendly and playful River Otter!

On the 18th of July the Lincoln Children's Zoo is offering you the chance to get up close and personal with a real Nebraskan Native, the endearing River Otter. 

This playful creature is still on the endangered animals list and is a threatened species but you will have the opportunity to learn all about them, meet Josh, the Baby Otter mascot and view demonstrations throughout the day of the zoo's two river otters. 

Nebraska Game and Parks will also be at the zoo with information regarding their efforts to protect the creatures and their habitats.

Children are able to participate in a  scavenger hunt throughout the zoo which will be a  fun way for children to learn more about the otters.  Each child who completes the hunt will have his name entered into a drawing with a grand prize from the zoo of an Otter Adoption Package.

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