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Meet The Press: Goodbye David Gregory, Hello Chuck Todd

On Meet The Press Sunday morning, Andrea Mitchell said a few words about David Gregory, who moderated his final show last Sunday. "Meet The Press makes a lot of history -- and a great deal of it was with David at the helm since he started in December 2008," she said. Gregory didn't get to say, "So long," to Meet The Press viewers -- his bosses at NBC News gave him the heave-ho Thursday, effective immediately, after two decades at the division, because his Sunday Beltway show was not doing as well in the ratings as competitors at ABC and CBS. Minutes after Gregory tweeted that he was out, NBC News announced that he would be replaced by Chuck Todd in September.

On Sunday, Meet The Press ran a short tribute to Gregory, who was removed as host of the iconic show after a protracted process that drew industry-wide and bipartisan condemnation of NBC News. Meet The Press has been plagued in recent years by declining ratings and fierce vitriol against Gregory, who took over the show after legendary host Tim Russert passed away in 2008.

Before Chuck Todd takes the reins of Meet The Press Sept. 7, his soon-to-be competitors are welcoming him into the fray. In statements to TVNewser, George Stephanopoulos said, "Chuck's been preparing for this his whole career. Great to have him in the Sunday morning mix." Chris Wallace added, "I welcome Chuck to the Sunday morning wars. Enjoy the last few Saturday nights out you'll have for a long time. I expect Chuck to be solid competition, which will only make the game more interesting." Bob Schieffer said, "David and Chuck are both friends of mine so I wish both of them the very best."

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