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Meet the newest ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ companion, the reformed Tevinter mage

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

As fans have come to expect from Bioware titles, players will be joined by several NPC party members within in Dragon Age: Inquisition. These companions will befriend them during their adventures and fight by their side during battle. Revealing new details of the game’s most recently announced companion character on June 26, Bioware offered players an early look at a new powerful mage who will join the Inquisitor within the series’ upcoming third installment.

The newly announced mage is named Dorian and he is described to be full of charm which he uses to dish out witty retorts and boisterous claims. However, despite his bright disposition, Dorian feels shame for his lineage and hopes to atone for the actions of his people. Dorian’s bloodline leads back to the Tevinter Imperium. Fans of the series will recognize this region as the oppressive nation of Thedas that is ruled by mages who enslave all non-mages. No longer capable of agreeing with the Tevinter methods, Dorian has left his homeland which leads him to meet the Inquisitor.

After Dorian joins the player’s party, he will lend his magical skills the help in many situations. Dragon Age Creative Director Mike Laidlaw has previously confirmed that the next game will feature a total of nine possible party members. These characters will be split amongst the three playable classes of Dragon Age: Inquisition, meaning that players will have access to three companions belonging to each class. Dorian follows Vivienne as the game’s second officially detailed party member.

Other confirmed companion characters include Varric and Cassandra who are returning from Dragon Age II. Also joining the Inquisitor’s fight will be Sera who will put her skills as a rogue to the test. Sera is also one of the few confirmed romance options within the game. However, she will only be interested in entering a same-sex relationship with a female Inquisitor. Another revealed companion character of note is the large warrior called the Iron Bull. The qunari will be voiced by Freddy Prinze Jr. who previously worked with Bioware on Mass Effect 3.