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Meet the New Generation of SUP Racers released on Epic TV

Meet the New Generation of SUP Racers
Meet the New Generation of SUP Racers
Candice Appleby

The online extreme sports channel Epic TV has just released episode five of SUP’s Up, with professional ocean athlete Candice Appleby. Titled, Meet the New Generation of SUP Racers, the latest installment of this entertaining, fun-filled series follows Appleby and her Performance Paddling partner Anthony Vela as they shine the spotlight on their highly acclaimed Performance Paddling Competition Team. “The Performance Paddling Competition Team is a group of kids that Anthony Vela and I have selected from around the country. They are kids that we've watched at the races over the past few years. They are very dedicated to the sport,” said Appleby. “Not only are they great athletes and very talented, but they have great sportsmanship. They treat their parents and their peers with respect when they are at events. Not only are they great athletes with great attitudes, they all have to keep a particular GPA and do well in school.”

Launched in 2013, SUP’s Up tracks Candice Appleby, one of the world’s top SUP athletes, as she navigates through training, competitions, coaching and adventure. Appleby’s long list of on the water accomplishments spanning two decades is buoyed by an equally impressive record off the water where, together with Vela, the pair serves as role models for young children around the country. Last Friday they spent the day at a local California elementary school speaking to the students about practicing respectful values and ethics in their lives. Having begun her professional surfing career at a young age, Appleby relates well to the pressures faced by today’s youth and has an uplifting teaching style. Meet the New Generation of SUP Racers, along with the complete series of SUP’s Up, can be viewed online at