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Meet the men of Lone Star - Mondays at 9/8c on FOX

Jon Voight as Clint Thatcher on Lone Star - FOX
Jon Voight as Clint Thatcher on Lone Star - FOX

Lone Star is a newcomer to the FOX Network this year and is causing quite a buzz. The show revolves around Robert Allen (James Wolk) a man with two lives and soon to be two wives who both live in Texas. In the season opener last week your first inclination is to dislike this smooth talking, money grabbing liar, but after seeing how he grew up and the hold his father John Allen (David Keith) has over him you start to empathize with the anti-hero.

John Allen brought up his son to be a schemer and has been grooming him for the mother lode scam, which has come to fruition after the owner of a huge oil corporation Clint Thatcher (Jon Voight) invites Robert his son-in-law into the fold of the firm.

Clint Thatcher is a shrewd tough as nails oil tycoon with two sons both working to impress their father. Trammel Thatcher (Mark Decklin) is the older of the two and does not approve of his father's decision to let Bob in. Drew Thatcher (Bryce Johnson) the younger brother is not as sure of himself and Bob wisely gained points last week by making him feel capable of spearheading a land acquisition on his own.

See each of their interviews about their characters in the YouTube video's accessible by clicking on the video play button to the left.

Watch Lone Star Mondays at 9/8c on FOX Rated: TV-PG, L, D


James Wolk - Bob Allen
Adrianne Palicki - Cat Thatcher
Jon Voight (24) - Clint Thatcher
Eloise Mumford - Lindsay
David Keith - John Allen
Bryce Johnson - Drew Thatcher
Mark Decklin - Trammel Thatcher

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