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Meet the founders of StarFest’s newest con DrWhoFest

Meet the founders of StarFest’s newest con DrWhoFest
Meet the founders of StarFest’s newest con DrWhoFest
Heather Maloney

Allons-y to what is bound to become one of the most popular activities at Denver’s annual StarFest Convention. DrWhoFest is the newest and most exciting addition to this year’s already amazing schedule. Celebrating the iconic weekend of May the 4th, StarFest will take place May 2-4 at the Marriott Denver Tech Center. DrWhoFest will offer such amazing activities such as build your own sonic screwdriver, the chance to see two lost episodes, a cosplay contest, a fan-script write-up session, ‘Doctor Who’ trivia, and many fabulous panels. Meet the DrWhoFest TARDIS Crew of Whovians Kristin Max Polizzo, Jacob Dunn, Sarah Lathrop, and Heather Maloney.

Q. OK, first of all. I totally want to build my own sonic screwdriver! My first question is, how did the four of you meet and how do you plan to take on such an adventure?

A. How we met:

Sarah: Jacob and I have been lifelong friends; since childhood. Kristin and I met through Jacob.

Kristin: I met Jacob through my brother back when I was eight and they were in cross country together.

Jacob: Well actually, it all happened when I crashed my time machine into Kristin’s back yard. I meant to be back in five minutes.

Heather: I met the gang through Facebook, however I found out later, that I actually have known Jacob’s brother for almost fifteen years.

A. How to take on adventure:

Sarah: First you have to find a blue box, one that is bigger on the inside (or smaller on the outside).

Jacob: One day at a time.

Kristin: Try something you have never done before.

Jacob: With a lot of humility and a sense of humor.

Heather: Just be nice to us… this is our first rodeo.

Q. Do you need volunteers or is there anything else that DoctorWhoFest attendees can help out with?

Sarah: Volunteers are actually covered.

Heather: Feel free to bring any toilet paper rolls to the room.

Jacob: Don't tell them why.

Kristin: We need to make sure to bring bananas.

Jacob: Just come and have a good time. But if you could bring David Tennant, that would be great!

Q. This question is for Heather. Your podcast, The Geek Port, has really taken off. You really have your finger on the beat of what geeks want. What’s coming up for you, Tom, and Michelle?


Heather: I think it is a really exciting time for Doctor Who and all Science Fiction. Both of our podcasts, ‘The Geek Port’ and ‘WhoGirls’ are taking off! Now with Michelle Talkington on board, we are set to have a great time this year. Michelle and I have always had amazing chemistry, which equates into effortless podcasting. Tom is an encyclopedia of geek knowledge, so he is the backbone of everything we o. Sadly, Aaron had to focus on other things, however hopefully we will be able to have him join us every now and then because he is sorely missed by the listeners and us.

This year’s StarFest will definitely not be one to miss. The celebs shine brightly this year with a stellar guest list made up of Giancarlo Esposito of ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Revolution,’ Billy Dee Williams of ‘Star Wars,’ Amanda Tapping from ‘Supernatural’ and all the ‘Stargates,’ ‘Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols, Tim Russ from ‘Star Trek Renegades’ and ‘Voyager,’ US version of ‘Being Human’s Sam Witwer, and ‘How I Met Your Mother’s Suzie Plakson. StarFest tickets can be purchased here.

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