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Meet the female tattooers before 'Ink Master' returns on February 25

Group shot of all contestants with host, Dave Navarro, and judges Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez
Group shot of all contestants with host, Dave Navarro, and judges Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez
Spike TV

Spike TV’s mega-hit “Ink Master” will be returning for a fourth season, to a captive audience on February 25. Prior to the start of this series, meet the female tattooers, who have come close, but have yet to win the title of “Ink Master.” Will this be the season a woman brings home the title, the editorial feature in Inked and the $100,000?

Ashley Bennett is a native of Saratoga Springs, N.Y. She currently works at Body Graphics Tattoo in South Windsor, Conn. During the filming of “Ink Master,” she worked at another tattoo studio. She is hoping to prove that women tattooers are just a good as the guys. Her style is bold and colorful, but she can hold her own in traditional styled tattoos. This competitive woman has an attitude and wants to put more estrogen in the tattoo world with her six years experience. See some of her work here.

Lydia Bruno from Albany, N.Y. is co-owner of Unique Arts Studio in Glens Falls, N.Y. With nine years of experience, this well-rounded artist loves black and gray, photo-realism and morbid tattoos. She formerly worked in the mental health industry, but if this competition is anything like the previous seasons, she should be right at home. She is also a boxer, labeled as “too aggressive,” so be aware; she could just punch out the competition. See some examples of her artistry here.

Melissa Monroe from Farmington, Wis. has five years experience. She is an artist at Homeward Bound Tattoo in Port Washington, Ind. and favors pinups, dark nature, traditional and neo-traditional pieces. This laid-back Midwestern girl believes in herself, and is prepared to defend her experience against all competitors. Check out her work here.

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