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Meet The Candidates, Saturday, June 21

George Leing
George Leing

As the 2014 mid-term election barrels toward voters, the best way to get the facts is to go to the source. Television campaign ads are mainly negative, with a lot of money from outside of Colorado spent to influence your vote. The reason? The Colorado election is pivotal on the National stage.

Three candidates will be in Estes Park at Cheesy Lee’s on Saturday, June 21 at 1:00, Kevin Lundberg, George Leing and Carolyn Speshock. It’s an old fashioned rally, complete with flag waving, hand shaking and baby kissing.

Colorado State Senator Kevin Lundberg is running unopposed on the primary ballot for State Senate (District 15). He will bring information to the meeting about the state of the state.

Republican George Leing is running against incumbent Democrat Jared Polis in Congressional District 2 (Estes Park/Boulder). Jared Polis is a career Politian with big money behind his campaign, while Leing is relatively new and unknown. Leing has over 30 years of experience as a lawyer in the finance and energy fields. His race against Polis is “on the radar” on a National stage.

Who would expect a campaign for County Coroner to get messy? Carolyn Speshock is a certified medical investigator, running in the primary against James Wilkerson, who is playing dirty in the primary fight, while she is trying to keep the race clean. 2014 marks the first contested race for coroner since 1978. Wilkerson has a private forensic pathology practice, which he would continue to work in and receive “business” from his position as coroner (if elected).

If you want to find out what these candidates stand for, show up on June 21st to learn more. Long time Democrat donor Tom Steyer has vowed to spend $100 million in the US, including Colorado to fight off Republican candidates (mainly Cory Gardner, running against Mark Udall for the US Senate), so the attack ads and slander is going to hit like a tidal wave. Know the truth about where candidates stand before it is distorted by money.

The June 21 event is sponsored by the Estes Park Tea Party Patriots ( Primary ballots have already been delivered, and must be returned by Tuesday, June 24.

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