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Meet the 'Biggest Buccaneers Fan' from California: Buccaneer Fever in LA

The battle of the back up quarter backs.
The battle of the back up quarter backs.
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Meet David Markham, born and raised in Southern California, from the suburbs of Los Angeles; whom considers himself one of the largest Buccaneers fan and a member of one of the largest Facebook Fan pages for the team "Buccaneers Fever"

"Holding out a lonely out post on the West Coast for the Bucs"

Just hours ago we contacted David to get his view, 4 hours and 2,500 miles away on his favorite team, the Buccaneers

Examiner: How do you feel about the draft choices? The history setting 100% all offense?

"I see what Lovie is doing - cleaning house for the entire offense - He went with receivers. Evans is a beast. How I look at it, we've got two twin towers with Evans and Jackson. Two twin towers that won't fall no matter what their hit with."

Examiner: How do you feel about our pick of Simms?

"He's the steal of the drat, in my opinion" David told Examiner over the phone, "Personally, I feel he is the "steal" of the draft. I like Simms - Phenomenal speed, great hands - He's a beast. He's cleaning house."

Examiner: Cleaning house? Explain more.

"Too many penalties last year, Coach Smith is literally cleaning house. Jury is still out on Jenkins - the new Tight End we drafted - yet, we haven't had a great tight end since Jimmie Giles - who was an amazing blocker as well. When I look at the New England Patriots or the Cleveland Browns and see that their Tight Ends are what are winning the games - Yes, Lovie is cleaning house."

Examiner: What's your take, being someone who is 2,529 miles away, on the Buccaneer's future for 2014?

"Listen, this is a pass driven league. The offense gets all the glory. When I was a kid, it was run twice, then you throw. Yet, now? The NFL is pass crazy. We have so much depth now with Receivers and Backs it seems we're ready to turn the #1 worst offense into the #1 best offense."

The Cult of the Quarter Back

"I don't understand why so many people are infatuated with the quarterback. Yes, it's a quarter back driven league, a passing driven league, yet if there's one thing I can tell you that my mentor told me when I was playing Football: "Speed Kills" in the NFL.

Yet, deep down, in any sport - it's defense that wins the major games. It's how the Buc's won their super bowl.

Yes, the glitz and glamor always seems to be the O-line, yet it is the defense that will win the game that counts. The saying is true today as it was forty years ago: Offense wins games, Defense wins championships."

Examiner: Our last pick, Heron, he's a receiver - yet you just said we have so many now - explain.

"Heron is speed. He's going to be used more as a returner than a wide out. However, he may be the 3rd Down Receiver we've been craving."

Examiner: The big question: What quarterback? Who's on first? What's on second?

"Ouch. This is tough. McCown is Lovie's boy from back in Chicago, Coach Smith recently just went on record saying Glennon is our guy. Yet why sign McCown then? Lovie Smith declared the 24-year-old Glennon the team's "quarterback of the future.'' However, McCown, 34, signed a two-year, $10 million contract in March and was immediately named the starter. The Bucs play in a division that features quarterbacks Drew Brees, Cam Newton and Matt Ryan. Neither McCown nor Glennon have proven to be better than any of them.

"It really is a toss up right now on who will be the Buccaneer's starting QB. We must wait and see how it play in camp and pre-season."

Examiner: If you had direct access to give advice to the fans 3,000 miles away in Tampa Bay and the Management of this team, what would it be?

"Stay the course with Lovie. Give Lovie four years. Trust him. He's cleaning house bringing in his own people. Let's see how well he works with the new GM. New Coach and New GM - It's a knee jerk league - yet let's stay the course - we've had horrible seasons. Yet, we can't knee jerk again. Lovie must have 4 years to reshape this team.:

"Our last two Coaching hires were disasters. Let's not "knee jerk" if we're not in the playoffs this year - Lovie brings respectability to Tampa Bay. Something we haven't had in many years.

Coach Lovie Smith not only brings respect, yet older Bucs players literally 'Love Lovie' - from Warren Sapp down, the players 'Love Lovie' and that is something that that Schiano and Morris could not do - earn respect from the players.

David Markham, 2,500 miles away, has made the Tampa Bay Buccaneers his 'team' since they went 0-26 in '76 - '77. Markham said he always roots for the under dog and that is how Tampa Bay became a California mans favorite team in the NFL.

One thing for sure - Kick off is at 9am Pacific Time. While we are use to the 1pm, 4pm, and "Prime Time Night Game" around 8:30 EST - Remember, David is four hours behind us.

"Much more fun," Markham exclaimed, "It means Football all day for us. You should move out here. Heck, bring the Buccaneers Franchise with you. We need a Football team out here in LA."

Make sure you give some love and likes to the largest Fan Page for this franchise "Buccaneers Fever"

Would you support the Bucs moving to LA? Is David on point with his answers? Let us know in the comments below!

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