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Meet the band: Order By Sigma


Order By Sigma, group shot.

Order By Sigma is a five-piece screamo band from Bethlehem, Pa. The guys take their music very seriously, but they also know how to have a damn good time (check out their Youtube videos).

The band is relatively new to the scene, but are continuing to gain a solid fan-base around the Lehigh Valley. Below is an interview with Order By Sigma. Lets meet the band.

1. You guys definitely have a unique band name. Who came up with it and what does it signify?
Well we were originally named Again and Again, but after finding out how lame and uninteresting that name was, we decided to change it. Order By Sigma signifies none other than the great Megaman! Our childhood hobby of playing Megaman on Nintendo links us to remembering our family,  friends, and growing up together!

2. How would you best describe your sound? Exciting, explosive, & loud!

3. When did Order By Sigma officially come together? We began writing and started jamming in early 2009, but it really wasn't until May when things started to actually begin fully. We had then picked up our first gig at The Crocodile Rock Cafe w/ Watchout! There's Ghosts. After that show, we realized we needed to fulfill our sound instrumentally and added Mike to the mix in June. Former bassist Eddie quit, so Stevie got on bass and there we are!

4. How long has each member played their instrument? Andrew(guitar)- 5 years, Mike(guitar)- 9-10 yrs,Stevie(bass) - 5 years, Chris(drums) - 11 yrs, and Joe - Synth (1yr) Vocals (straight from the womb).

5. What bands influence you?
In Fear And Faith, Agraceful, Emarosa, Asking Alexandria, The Used 
Every Time I Die, August Burns Red, Senses Fail, Finch, Sum 41, Goldfinger, A Day To Remember, Tupac, A Skylit Drive, 50 Cent, Attack Attack!, Nirvana, Enter Shikari, Thursday, & Trophy Scars.

6. What acts have you shared the stage with? What acts would you like to share the stage with? We've played w/ Watchout! Theres Ghost (Rise), Enter Shikari (Ambush Reality), Emarosa (Rise), In Fear and Faith (Rise), Burden Of A Day (Rise), I See Stars (Sumerian), Our Last Night (Epitaph), Broadway (Uprising), Blessthefall (Fearless), Drop Dead Gorgeous (Rise), Finch (Drive-Thru Records), Vanna (Epitaph), & Lets Get It (Fearless). We would kill to play with Asking Alexandria, The Used, The Devil Wears Prada, & Enter Shikari again!

7. You guys recently recorded in Virginia, how did that come about? Joe's second cousin, Lance, owns a recording studio in Richmond, Virginia. He was kind enough to book us and do an 11 Song CD with us! It was the greatest trip of our lives, so many random funny moments and times that we'll never forget.

8. What would be the most memorable moment of Order By Sigma so far? Virginia all around was definitely a great bonding time for all of us, especially going to K-Mart every night. Just playing all these amazing shows with our influences/idols and knowing we do it all for our loyal fans!

9. What do you guys hope to accomplish in 2010? Well we will for sure be playing many more shows, actually we will be playing alongside From First To Last, Eyes Set To Kill, Confide, Black Veil Brides, and Sleeping With Sirens on April 8th at The Crocodile Rock Cafe! Contact our MySpace if you desire tickets! Also, who wouldn't love to get signed and tour America? So, we just hope to stay consistent and continue to gain popularity!

10. Any final thoughts for the children and would-be rockers? NEVER BACK DOWN, NEVER SHOW FEAR!

Anything else you wanna add or share?
Oh yes, please support your local music scene because compared to places elsewhere, our scene is horrible! Follow your dreams and don't ever get a big head.

            For more info: Check out Order By Sigma on MySpace and Facebook.


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