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Meet the author: Rachel Karns Part 3

Rachel Karns is a 2011 debut author.
Rachel Karns is a 2011 debut author.
Courtesy of the Author

Rachel Karns, author of the recently reviewedGray” was kind enough to answer some questions for the Examiner. This is the last part of the interview. Read the first and second parts. If you’re interested in reading “Gray”, ask your local Upper Hudson Library to purchase a copy from Amazon or your local Albany bookstore to purchase copies from Create Space.

As an indie author, how difficult is it to promote your book? Have you used social media at all? (Twitter, facebook, blogging, etc.)

It is VERY difficult to promote as an indie author. It is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. You have to work very, very hard on promoting yourself, which is not my strength. I started a blog which took guts for me because I am actually pretty private. The first time I wrote on my blog I actually got butterflies in my stomach. I quit Facebook 3 years ago because I didn’t enjoy it. It wasn’t as enriching as it should have been for how much time I wasted on it. I want real relationships in my life. Those people who know my phone number are my real friends. I also felt Facebook devalued my own life. I literally felt everyone’s life in the world must be WAY more interesting and fun than mine, because of all the things they post. Actually, I have a pretty cool life, and yet I didn’t realize it because I was focused on everyone else’s life. So now that I’m a FB dropout, I’m trying to promote my book through people who really want to read an interesting Young Adult Book and not just selling to my Facebook friends. (However, here’s the hypocrite in me- I have told all my friends to mention if they like my book on Facebook!) I’m a terrible seller. I give books away to my friends, because I don’t want to charge them. In fact, I have a free e-book offer on my blog for the first 100 teens. I’m asking that if they LOVE the book, if they would please pass the word on (you guessed it, through Facebook).

What’s next for you? Other books on the horizon?

I am working on the sequel to GRAY right now. I’m on chapter five. I had actually started a completely different novel, but I had a few first readers tell me I MUST write a sequel, because they just need to know more about what happens to Maggie and Peter. Plus, there is a growing Wyn following now, too. These characters all reappear in the sequel. I’m looking forward to finishing the sequel, because I was actually really excited about this other book, but felt the sequel was in demand.

Thank you Rachel Karns!

You can find more information and links to purchase her book on her blog.


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