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Meet the Astor Family

Having a summer home in Lenox Massachusetts the Astor family found comfort in the hills rather than the hectic city life found in New York City New York. This family is the first multi-millionaire family in the history of the United States.

Coming to America and building the first leg of their family fortune in the fur and trading industry, John Jacob Astor expanded his financial legacy with real estate and setting up the first American Trust with banking expertise. Eventually he would close shop with his family in the fur and trading industry and just focus on his financing and real estate ventures.

Unfortunately, with the amount of real estate he purchased including apartment rentals at times throughout history he was known as a slumlord in the New York area.
Regardless of ups and downs in reputation the Astor family built a family legacy beginning in Germany, Britain and ultimately in the United States this family built an amazing dynasty. Family members were baronesses, related to the Waldorf family, even connections with death and survival of the family bloodlines on the Titanic.

This family has built roots in the United States beginning just after the Revolutionary War. How many families have gone this many decades with towns, cities, boroughs and buildings reminding historians and generations of their family design.

To view the family tree along with listing of spouses please click here. What so many realize is while this country first designed itself from the east coast to the west what they miss out on is the details that to some are not famous or in our every day history books. We all know about the wars about the trials of Salem Witches but how many of us knew that some of the wealthiest families in the beginning of our nation lived in what is a backyard to us? So, many of these mansions were changed into businesses or lost during the depression that unless someone asked us to research the history we wouldn’t know of these facts. I hope you enjoy learning more about the Astor family.

Until the next family discovered, enjoy the journey of your imagination and the discovery of the world!



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