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Meet The Artist Series; Local Singer, Performer & Recording Artist, Jill Detroit

Spotlight on the very talented local singer, performer and recording artist, Jill Detroit. Jill was very gracious to take the time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions for my Meet The Artist Series.

Singer/Song Writer Jill Detroit shares a collection of photos with - Album cover - The artwork on CDs is by Steve Ellenburg,
Singer/Song Writer Jill Detroit shares a collection of photos with - Album cover - The artwork on CDs is by Steve Ellenburg,
Album cover courtesy of Jill Detroit
Jill Detroit
Photographer/Artist: Nicole Gee courtesy of Jill Detroit.

Jill Detroit
Singer/Song Writer

I have only recently been introduced to Jill Detroit and her music which is listed under the category of Pop/ Rock. I find her musical style to be a blend of many genres. She's a little bit Contemporary, a little bit Bluesy, a little bit Country, and a little bit Rock'n Roll. Although this is not a review, I enjoyed the songs I listened to on her playlist. Her lyrics are both meaningful and well thought out. The title song off her latest album, "I'm Outta Here" can be heard by clicking here.


Where do you call home in the Detroit area?

I recently returned to live in the Detroit area - Royal Oak - after 13 years away, living in Texas, California, and England. I've lived in several Detroit-area communities, including Roseville, Troy, Birmingham, and Detroit itself. I've also lived in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Mississippi and my second home is in Nevada. I guess you could say I am a nomad.

What is your educational and music/art background?

I started taking violin and piano lessons while in grade school and also dabbled with the string bass before "discovering" the guitar at age 11 when I confiscated one of my brother's Christmas presents. I dropped out of college my first semester. much to my parents' dismay, and all I knew to do to support myself was to play and sing so I started performing at clubs in the Detroit/Lansing area. I later went back to school and, because I liked learning so much, I kept going until I graduated law school. So I became a corporate lawyer, working for some of the top Fortune 50 companies while I continue to perform and record.

When did you become interested in music and performing?

My mother says I sang before I talked. She remembers hearing me in my crib singing along to the weekly "Hits" television show. I sang in church choirs and joined my first band when I was in middle school, playing electric guitar until I got a severe shock, at which time I switched exclusively to acoustic guitar. I formed a couple of "girl groups" while in high school and, thanks to an inspirational teacher, started giving regular performances of my own original as well as some cover tunes. I love singing so much that I am willing to overcome a little-known shyness to perform.

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by life, people, relationships, emotions. Really, anything is a potential inspiration. My producer calls me the "song-catcher." I am honored to receive the inspiration to write songs and hope always to respect that gift.

What do you feel your music says about the person you are?

Probably best to ask those who listen to my music to answer that question.

Contact info, and anything else you would like to share?

Many of my songs are part of the playlists on the Women of Substance radio station, The station plays music written and performed by women.

I also have some videos on youtube. In addition, I am getting ready to release my 14th album in about a month - called "In the Presence of Grace," produced by my longtime producer (and phenomenal musician), Bill Bentley, and which has a distinct "inspirational" theme. The album includes duets with each of my four brothers as well as a song with my children, Emily and Sean.

Some links for my music:

Thanks Jill for the interview.

For more information about this local performer and her music please click on the hyperlinks/highlighted words contained within the article. Click on the video link on the right hand side of the article to watch featured video performance.

One of my personal favorites from a list of favorites -

Weary Soul by Jill Detroit

Song Description
Sad acceptance of the end of a relationship
Lyrics: Weary Soul

V1: So tired but I can't sleep
So hungry but I can't eat
There's no rest for a weary soul like me
Can't call you but I want to
Can't tell you that I want you
I know I should just let it be
You and me, we can't seem to see eye-to-eye
No matter how hard we try

Cho: No rest for the weary, no calm from the storm
Exhausted and teary, weathered and worn
Oh, my soul, my weary soul

V2: Don't want you to hear me crying
I'd say I'm not but I'd be lying
And I swore I would never tell you lies
Don't want to think about you
Don't like being without you
Don't want to be saying our goodbyes
No surprise - we get to this place every time
Almost as if by design

V3: Consider this your final warning
I'll be leaving in the morning
Assuming I don't hear from you by then
You know I love but I never
Promised to wait forever
You say you want me but you don't say when
Can we pretend that none of this ever occurred
I didn't hear what I heard

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