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Meet The Artist Series; Fantastic Illusionary Mural Design Artist Jan Dale

Spotlight on local artist Jan Dale who specializes in painting illusionary murals for the home or work place.

Local Artist Jan Dale Specializes in illusionary Wall Murals. -
Photographs courtesy of Jan Dale and used by permission.
Jan Dale specializes in Mural Art
Photograph courtesy of Jan Dale and used by permission.

Jan Dale
Mailing Address:14901 College Avenue
Allen Park, MI 48101
Phone: (313) 429-3273

I recently had the pleasure of meeting local artist Jan Dale. I was immediately fascinated by her murals and her enthusiasm for her art. We spoke briefly and she shared her love of creating unique illusionary murals for her clients. She specializes in *Windowscapes, Ceiling Portals, and **Trompe L'Oiel. Please click on the featured slideshow to view samples of her work. More photos can be found by going to her official website.

What she does

Jan Dale's brings the starry night sky indoors for her clients; giving the illusion of a room without a roof. She paints the illusion of a window view to add a feeling of "openess" to rooms that are completely in-closed. Special requests and made to order murals are considered.


"I try to keep pricing simple. I consider the general cost of materials for each type of project and the time anticipated to complete it. Then I work with your budget to come up with a plan that is affordable for you and gives you years of enjoyment." - Jan Dale

Please click on the featured slideshow on the top left of article to view samples of her work. More photos can be found by going to her official website.

This article does not contain an interview; Jan Dale invited me to share photographs and her artist's biography from her official website in my Meet The Artist Series.

Meet the Artist, Jan Dale

"Growing up in a farming community in Southeast Michigan afforded many opportunities to observe the beauty of nature. I inherited a strong sense of design from both of my parents who took great pleasure in their own artistic ventures. I painted every chance I got and on every kind of surface I could get away with. As far as I know, my very first mural, age 5, still adorns the plasterboard ceiling in the attic of my childhood home.

In 2001 I became fascinated with an art form called Trompe' L'Oiel which means to trick the eye. I began experimenting with it, painting on small furniture pieces that I'd find on trash day. My favorite rocking chair was a throw-away until I rescued it and turned it into a work of art. Soon I was taking commissions to paint tabletops, windowscapes and business signs.

Although I take commissions to paint on many different kinds of surfaces, my favorite is painting windowscapes. They open up a small room by giving the illusion that there is a window where none exists, inviting the sun and breeze in . . . and maybe a critter or two. I still get a rush of joy when a client suddenly notices a newly painted gecko or a baby barn swallow on their wall and gasps at how real it looks." -

Please click on the hyperlinks/highlighted words for additional information about the Jan Dales art and services.

The following are some definitions of her artwork found on the Dale House Official Website;

*A Windowscape is a painting of a window that gives the illusion that there is life just outside. This window was painted to make a small bathroom seem larger. The fluttering curtain suggests a breeze.
**Trompe L'Oiel means, 'to trick the eye.' An example would be a marble fountain that sports a purple finch.

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