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Meet The Artist Series, Amazingly Talented Fine Art- Artist Oscar B. Oscar

Spotlight on my interview with Oscar B. Oscar, an amazing and talented local artist.

Oscar B. Oscar exhibits his art at Lawrence Street Gallery- Anticipation 2012, oil on linen 11 x 8 inches A happy mother-to-be in a reflective mood, guardian putti, death playing violin.
Art image courtesy of Oscar B. Oscar and used by permission.
Meet the artist interviews Oscar B. Oscar
Image courtesy of Oscar B. Oscar and used by permission;Photo of the artist by Alonso del Arte

"OSCAR B. OSCAR" MARCH 5 - 28, 2014
OPENING RECEPTION will be Friday, 7th of March, 6-9 pm

Lawrence Street Gallery
22620 Woodward Ave Ste A
Ferndale, Michigan 48220
Phone (248) 544-0394


Eccentric, and self- taught, local artist Oscar B. Oscar has an ongoing art exhibit at Lawrence Street Gallery and I thought it would be a great time to interview him. After my asking nicely, Oscar kindly agreed to be a featured artist in my Meet The Artist Series. If you would like to meet this fascinating artist in person, he has an art reception tonight at Lawrence Street Gallery from 6- 9 pm.

Please click on featured slideshow to view photographs of Oscar B. Oscar's artwork. To read more about Oscar click here for an article written by's Art Events Writer Alonso del Arte.


Where do you call home in the Detroit area?

Home is Ann Arbor area. I have lived for periods around downtown Detroit.

Your educational and art background?

My artistic development is due mainly to self-education. I look at art in books and museums, and I make art. The latter means a lot of trial and error. While I have not gone to art school, I have taken workshops and received advice and criticism from established artists.

When did you become interested in art?

Art has been an interest of mine since childhood when I discovered comic strips, Leonardo Da Vinci and Salvador Dali.

What inspires you?

Inspiration comes in part from the pleasure of daily visual thinking, like imagining compositions with the sights I see on a walk, observing the different values (lights and darks) made by objects in a room or outdoors. Some of these mental exercises find their way into my artwork. Also inspiration comes from human dramas I observe or imagine. Human dramas can even be translated into tensions between inanimate objects in a work of art.

My current large painting “Theater Deities’ Entry Into Detroit In 2014” was a way to express my many thoughts about that complicated entity called Detroit — its energy, setbacks, scandals, triumphs, institutions and potential. As it happened, the painting began to include particular individuals from government and the arts community.

The buildings, neighborhoods and institutions undergo great transformations as the towering Theater Deities stride over central Detroit. For example, we see bad people caught by the justice system as Prosecutor Worthy Kym Worthy looks down from atop the metamorphosed Guardian Building. Nearby are innocent people, concerned people, and suspicious people as well as investigators and reporters.

I have taken extreme liberties with perspective and changed sizes of many districts in the city. I have enlarged and shrunk people. The Campus Martius area in my painting has an array of statues representing the many kinds of Detroit families, and even depicts children growing in the wombs. To me, this fantastic composition reflects the dynamism and the ferment of Detroit today. I hope Detroit learns a good way to reinvent itself.

What do you feel your art says about the person you are?

My art says that I like to draw, to compose and to feel colors, light and shadows. The human figure is expressed often in my art because I am so conscious of it. My compositions make statements about
the physical reality of objects and about the psychological reality experienced by humans.

Tell me a little bit about your current exhibit?

My solo art exhibit runs 5-28 March. OPENING RECEPTION will be Friday, 7th of March, 6-9 pm. Lawrence Street Gallery in Ferndale, Michigan. All are invited.

One of my large (and unfinished) paintings in the show is "Theater Deities' Entry into Detroit in 2014”, about the scene today in Detroit. The city is in a state of metamorphosis. There are references to many Detroit public figures and institutions. Another large (and unfinished) paintings is called Chinese Coal Workers Playing Cards.

Contact info, and anything else you would like to share? Website links?

Web site Email

Oscar B. Oscar Artist's Statement:

"I am passionate about still life, landscapes, figure paintings, dance and theater, portraits and interiors. Light, composition, form, flesh, color, human relationships and emotional atmosphere are important in my artwork. My interests in the visual and performing arts are fairly broad. For example, many action drawings were done at dance, music and dramatic performances.

I have lived mainly around the American Midwest, and have traveled a lot internationally. My artistic development represents self-education, mostly." -

Thanks for the interview and sharing your art, Oscar B. Oscar. Congratulations on your great exhibit review in the Detroit Free Press.

For additional information about the artist please click on the hyperlinks/highlighted words contained within the article.

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