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Meet The Artist Series; A Superb Actor of Screen and Stage, Anthony Winters

The Devil and Billy Markham is scheduled performances May 16th - May 17th at The Upper Room. 23821, West Grand River Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48219, Phone (313) 531-5100, Website
The Devil and Billy Markham is scheduled performances May 16th - May 17th at The Upper Room. 23821, West Grand River Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48219, Phone (313) 531-5100, Website
Photo courtesy of Anthony Winters and used by permission.

Spotlight on actor Anthony Winters who will be starring in the stage play The Devil and Billy Markham scheduled to open in Detroit, May 2014.

Anthony Winters is an actor of stage and screen.
Photograph courtesy of Anthony Winters and used by permission.

"Okay, Detroit! Here's the big news! Goode Entertainment and RWD Arrangements in association with Detroit Winters Productions Proudly presents... Tony Winters as THE DEVIL AND BILLY MARKHAM by Shel Silverstein, Directed by Sy Richardson. I'm comin' home!" Tickets available soon." - Anthony Winters

The Devil and Billy Markham
Friday, May 16th & Saturday, May 17th, 2014 at 7 pm
The Upper Room
23821 Grand River Avenue
Detroit, MI 48219
Phone (313) 531-5100
Facebook Page


What brings you to the Detroit area?"

It is really a thrill to be returning to Detroit with my show THE DEVIL AND BILLY MARKHAM. That is, I left Detroit right after high school so I never got a chance to perform in my hometown. Though a few years back I did participate in The Motor City Film Festival with a film I produced titled "SECTION 8" but that's not the same thing. The movie was well received. But insofar as my perfoming live in front of an audience -- it has never happened. I will be bringing my 'A' game.

Where did you grow up in the Detroit area?

Tough question to answer because we moved a lot. We lived in Southwest Detroit up until the 4th grade. Then after my parents divorced we moved out to the Northwest side. I guess consider our time on Harlow Street, near Puritan and the Southfield Freeway, to be the place where I "came of age."

Your educational and art background?

I am a graduate of Detroit's dearly departed Redford High School and I completed two years at San Diego City College. That is where I started acting. I went to school during the day and studied under the wonderful Lyman Saville. And I did plays at night in the community, usually under the direction of the late Dr. Floyd Gaffney. They were very instrumental in my beginnings as an actor and setting me on this creative path.

When did you become interested in acting and performing?

I was always an artist. Even as a child I could draw better than all the other kids in my class. While at Murphy Jr. High, I began singing in the chorus and I did the same thing at Redford. So I became comfortable in front of an audience at a very early age. Also, during high school I got pretty good at a dance that was going around called "The Jit" and a friend asked me to audition with her for Redford's High School Day on WGPR's "THE SCENE." I did and we were selected. We danced on the show throughout our junior and senior years. I really enjoyed the process of performing in front of cameras and then later watching the show's broadcast.

Additionally, when I was coming along in the 70's blacks were beginning to make inroads into movies and television. Shows such "Good Times", "Sanford and Son" and "What's Happening" ruled the airwaves and black films were popular as well. I loved films such as "Uptown Saturday Night", "Claudine" and "Lady Sings the Blues" but when I saw "Cooley High" with Glenn Turman -- it was over. I wanted to be an actor. Even though I had never done it. I wanted to be an actor.

What inspires you?

I am largely inspired by my people. Black people. It has always been my mission to better shape the stories and images of our people. That is not to suggest, however, that I want to whitewash, for lack of a better word, our history or only to shine a light on the only the positive aspects of black life in America. I am only interested in truth -- fair and balanced. LOL!

What do you feel your art says about the person you are?

At its core, acting is about a search for truth. I like to believe that my art has helped me move closer to truth, honesty and integrity -- to living out loud.

Contact info, and anything else you would like to share? Website links?

"Thanks for the interview, Anthony Winters. I look forward to seeing you perform locally!"

To view featured photos please click on the slideshow link. For additional information about Anthony Winters, the play dates and where to buy tickets please click on the hyperlinks/highlighted words contained in the article.

Reviews of Tony Winters Performance in The Devil and Billy Markham:

A sample of recent Social Media Comments:

"Let me say this. Tony Winters is a remarkably talented actor who has created something really special on stage over at Theater Theatre on Pico. Lorrie and I saw this amazing actor in a stunning Matinee on Saturday.
Directed by master actor and director Sy Richardson<>who milked every ounce of humor and depth from the tongue-twisting text."

"It's a tour de force performance of a riotous, thought-provoking piece by satirist and artist Shel Silverstein that only an actor of great courage, wit and skill dare perform. IT NEEDS TO BE SEEN. It's world-class."
Actor *Robert Hooks*, Founding member of the *NEGRO ENSEMBLE, N.Y.P.D., TROUBLE MAN*

"You gave a commanding, powerhouse performance in The Devil And Billy Markham! A shout out to Sy Richardson as well, for his excellent direction! I thoroughly enjoyed the show!" Actor *Christopher B. Duncan*, *THE FIRST FAMILY, THE JAIME FOXX SHOW*

"Thank you very much for the glass of red wine!!! You did wonderful!!! Very comedic and you looked great in that suit!!! We all really enjoyed the show!!!! ENCORE! Great performance Tony!!!" Model *Kacey Leggett*, *AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL*

"Wow! Awesome Show! You are an amazing actor! Very good work...I loved it! *Barry Bowles*,*Director - NOTHIN' 2 LOSE, MALIBOOTY*

"...Saw you the other night in "The Devil and Billy Markum,"...I enjoyed your work very much...So, if anybody out there is hedging, go check out Tony Winters as Billy Markum. Nice evening of theatre." Levy

"PlaywriteAwesome show! You are an amazing actor ! Very good work...I loved it! Barry Bowles <>.

Actor Anthony Winters's IMBD BIO

"After graduation from Detroit's Redford High School, Winters headed west to attend college. It was there at San Diego City College and later at the University of California San Diego that he was bitten by the acting bug. Under the tutelage of Lyman Saville he began his theatrical training in earnest. Saville first cast Winters in a supporting role in "Little Murders" and later in the lead role of Axel in Woody Allen's "Don't Drink The Water". But college theater was not enough for the eager thespian, so he looked beyond City's small campus and found a thriving African American theater scene and a mentor in the person of Dr. Floyd Gaffney. Under Gaffney, Winters tackled a succession of pivotal roles; Brick in "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof", Lou in "Spell #7", Prince in "Moon On A Rainbow Shawl" and Homer in "The Lilies Of The Field". He even appeared in the musicals "Guys And Dolls" and "Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope".

In an effort to expand his career into film and television, Winters moved to Hollywood. Having earned a coveted SAG card with a supporting part in the prison drama Penitentiary III, he was off and running. The recurring roles of "Tony" on the daytime's Days Of Our Lives and his breakthrough turn as "Dr. Ozzie Dunbar M.E." on NBC's Hunter soon followed. Over the past two decades Winters has evolved into one of Tinseltown's busiest journeyman actors and even boasts of having shared the screen with heavyweight's Wesley Snipes, Denzel Washington and, perhaps his greatest influence, Sidney Poitier.

In addition to his work in almost 70 different television shows and movies, Winters has also acted in scores of television commercials and modeled in print advertising. In recent years, he has begun to write screenplays and formed Detroit Winters Productions to produce them. He wrote, produced and starred in the films Retiring Tatiana (2000) and Section 8 (2006), winners of the Audience Favorite Award of The Pan African Film & Arts Festival 2000 and Best Feature Film of the Arizona Black Film Showcase 2006, respectively. Both titles are readily available online. He is planning to tour colleges and universities with The Devil and Billy Markham by Shel Silverstein." - Read more at

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