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Meet someone at an Anaheim Angels game


 There's no doubt that baseball season is here; haven’t you seen everyone posting several drunken pictures on their Facebook's at games? Luckily, Anaheim is home to the Angel’s and with the ability to seat almost 40,000 people, you're bound to meet at least one civil person.

It's almost too easy to meet someone given there are so many people, options and alcohol involved (instant chatter potion). It’s possible you’ve performed a few of these suggestions and some have worked to your advantage, while it’s also possible some didn’t. It’s okay, because if you have season tickets, you have a lot of chances.

So far, you get one star for showing up. Not only have you chosen a place that is a man Mecca, it's also a place that you will have at least one thing in common with someone: baseball. Two things if they are actual Angel’s fans. Three things if they like to drink. Four things if they love to play beach volleyball off the heads of other fans. 
If you aren't a real Angel's fan, just pretend. Don't show up wearing all black or a Laker's shirt. This isn't a political rally, or a Raider's Game.
Display your team spirit; what do drunk people love more than anything? High Fives. So wear those team colors and paraphernalia proudly. Walking onto the patio with a jersey or hat on will instantly lure in the opposite sex (woman, baseball hat, and did I mention woman?  You’re set). 
Get there early with friends and tailgate; this is such an easy way to meet people or lure in contenders for the night (in a non white van and candy offer sort of way). 
Smile: standing with your arms crossed and an evil glare just screams that you don't want to be there or that you have no teeth; hence the lack of smiling.
Take that smile and utilize it by talking to people around you. After all, you’re in close quarters with lots of people. If you get stuck next to the Von Trapp family, well, then best of luck.  Try walking around the stadium, maybe "get lost" and sit in the wrong seats that just happen to be next to some hotties. 
(Disclaimer: whatever you do, do not strike up conversation during intense parts of the game or active play. Not only will you get no response, but you will be deemed instantly irritating).
After everything is said and done, hang out after the game. The one great thing about the Angels stadium is that the area is now flourished with restaurants and bars nearby. Try pouring across the street--for the love of God, don't drive--and hang out with fellow fans who want to celebrate victory or revel in a loss. Hey, if a strapping young lad needs consoling, be the person to console!
Don't forget to have fun. It falls in part with smiling. If you need to throw a few ten dollar beers back--I suggest tailgating for this reason alone--to get a smile on your face and portray the look of fun and love for baseball, then so be it!
Happy baseball season!


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