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Meet Olympic Athlete & Writer Michelle Baumgartner

"Diet and Weight Loss Lies," a book by Michelle Baumgartner
Diet and Weight Loss Lies Workbook

If you’re like many Americans, you’ve lost weight at some point, but only to find the unwanted pounds making their way back onto your body frame. Join Olympic athlete, nutritionist, life coach and author, Michelle Baumgartner as she breaks down the stages prescribed in her new book, Diet and Weight Loss Lies. The missing ingredient to lasting weight loss is truly understanding the major part your brain plays in dieting. Losing weight is not merely focusing on your diet and exercising; it’s also about your mind and how it operates. Diet and Weight Loss Lies offers strategies that include:

• learning how to lose the weight and keeping it off
• learning how to think, eat and exercise for your unique body type
• overcoming emotional eating
• acquiring tools for managing stress
• obtaining the secrets of staying lean
• working with your genes, not against them
• learning to eat for your body type
• learning to exercise for your body type
• how to eliminate negative thoughts
• how to develop a positive mindset
• becoming master of your thoughts
• getting in touch with your breathing
• keeping a gratitude journal

You don’t fail diets; diets fail you. Take control of your health for life.

Michelle Baumgartner will be at The New Earth Expo, where attendees will be invited on a mind, body, and spirit adventure. You will find products, presenters, and practitioners to help nourish and protect your body, mind, and spirit, while increasing abundance in your life. You'll get a chance to speak with gifted spiritual counselors and practitioners of the healing arts.

Come meet Michelle Baumgartner.

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Saturday, June 28th
3:00 PM-4:00 PM

New Earth EXPO
New School Aikido
1010 West Fremont Street
Stockton, CA 95203

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