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Meet Oklahoma pop duo Laura Leighe

Oklahoma-based pop duo Laura Leighe is making a splash with their self-titled EP, and there's another on the way. BFTV recently sat down with vocalist/keys player Laura Leighe Gossett and drummer Zach Dumbleton to find out who Laura Leighe are and what their plans are for the remainder of 2014.

Laura Leighe Gossett (left) and Zach Dumbleton are the pop duo Laura Leighe.
Travis Clancy/Courtesy of Much & House PR

Zach added that they're proud of the "positive" vibe of their music, telling us, "We like to bring hope in a sort of dark world."

"What makes us fresh is we have a duo with a singing, dancing frontwoman and a singing drummer," Laura told us. "So that's a little different and it's fun. We have a lot of fun playing new shows and showing people something different."

After the release of The Laura Leighe EP in January, they're planning to drop more new music for audiences in the very near future. "We're releasing a new single called 'Next Please,' along with our new EP, the Next Please EP, and a music video to go along with that [which was] shot in Los Angeles," Laura explained. "We're just excited to show some new music to our fans and new fans. [We're] probably touring shortly after that."

"Each song is different and each time is different. Sometimes we can knock out a song in a day and sometimes [it's] two, three months," Zach said of their creative process.

"Sometimes you find a hook first and you go to the piano and put everything underneath it," Laura agreed. "We like to work with lots of different people too. My husband is an amazing producer, so we're able to do all the vocals here [in Oklahoma]. It works really well."

The two of them had separate successful music careers - with Laura releasing a solo album and Zach playing along the likes of We The Kings - before joining forces in 2011. Since then, they've shared the stage with the likes of Vince Gill, Toby Keith, Maggie McClure, and Third Day. But you probably wouldn't guess the biggest highlight on their resume.

"I would say when we got to open for Neon Trees here in Oklahoma this past summer," Laura reflected. "First of all, it was such an honor to open for them. They're ridiculously talented live and we're just inspired by their level of skill.

"It was [also] right after the Moore tornadoes and we were able to play our tribute song 'Down in the Valley' for the first time that night," she continued. "It was so amazing because junior high kids came up to us after the show, and they were just crying and hugging us and saying 'Thank you so much for that song.'"

So what does the duo ultimately want to achieve with their partnership? "We want to be one of those hugely famous musicians," Laura laughed, before getting serious. It's not the fame, it's more of just doing this at the biggest level that we can do it at. It's being able to have a lifelong career [where] we're constantly putting out new stuff. It's pretty much all we've ever wanted to do, and all we were supposed to do."

You can download The Laura Leighe EP on iTunes now. For more on Laura Leighe, you can also visit their website ( and follow them on Twitter (@laura_leighe).

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