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Meet Norman the Dog, who can ride a bike and scooter (videos)

They say you can’t teach old dog new tricks, but apparently, no one ever told that to animal trainer Karen Cobb. Cobb is a professional dog trainer who has made world news for her incredible success with her dog Norman. Norman the Dog is an Internet sensation as Cobb has taught him how to ride a bike and a scooter. Watching Norman the Dog perform is an amazing experience and offers insight into the potential pets are fully capable of.

Norman the Dog riding his bike.
Norman the Dog YouTube/Video screen grab

According to Natural Balance Inc., Cobb began training Norman immediately after she found him. She taught the French Sheepdog to wipe his feet when entering the house, and to wipe off his beard after drinking. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Cobb moved on to more difficult tasks. First, Cobb worked patiently with Norman and taught him how to ride a scooter. After he mastered that task, he moved to riding a bicycle. Now, Norman can add skateboard commander to his resume.

Karen Cobb and Norman the Dog may be seen on Hallmark’s “Who Let the Dogs Out.” You may check out a video report, including interview with Karen Cobb, above. As for dog training tips, Cobb says you should bribe and reward, then give random rewards once your dog has mastered the skill.

Find Norman the Dog Online!

Norman the Dog on YouTube

Norman the Dog’s Official Website

Norman the Dog on Facebook

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