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Meet new friends with a South Carolina goth Yahoo! group

Finding fellow goths in South Carolina can be like finding the unique fish in this school!
Finding fellow goths in South Carolina can be like finding the unique fish in this school!

It’s not always the easiest feat for a South Carolina goth. Meeting new friends is difficult, and not just because of your makeup and clothing. It’s also tough to meet people who share the same interests, morals, and beliefs as you. Coupled with the fact that South Carolina is a conservative state, being out of school (for those of you who are adults) significantly cuts down on your interaction with like minds and personalities.

Fortunately, the rise of internet social connection extends to you, as well. Many websites such as Facebook and MySpace allow you to make connections with those you seek. But what about local people like you? It’s a bit of a different story, as these sites don’t cater in particular to such a minority group. Any search of “South Carolina goth” yields few relevant results on both of the aforementioned social networks.

Have you thought of using your e-mail to meet other local goths? If you haven’t, check out the Goths n Freaks of South Carolina group offered through Yahoo! (okay, so the “n” is a bit over-the-top, but most of the active members are genuine darklings). By signing up for a free Yahoo! e-mail account, you can join the most active group for local goths, thereby immediately expanding your social contacts.

Members consistently announce events as well as discuss various subjects of interest. They interact through e-mail, messaging, and in person. Most are inviting and friendly, making it easy for you to bring up relevant topics for discussion, advice, and outside opinions. Though there are currently 276 members in the group, the majority of them are not active. However, those that are make it worthwhile!

Joining is quick, easy, and efficient. Visit the site, click “Join This Group,” and shoot out an e-mail introducing yourself to get started! And if you’re addicted to your current e-mail client, you can always forward the Yahoo! e-mails to it. No longer miss your opportunity to attend events, meet-and-greets, and make new friends. Join the group today!

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  • Cory 5 years ago

    Intesting stuff. I never knew there was a Goths n Freaks of South Carolina group through Yahoo. Keep the articles coming.

  • GothKidxxxdeathxxxdismembermentXXXdownxxxangstxxxr 5 years ago


  • Carrie 5 years ago

    Very cool! Just joined!

  • Zack 5 years ago

    Awesome article! I'm glad to hear that there's another resource out there for people new in town, or for those who just have trouble meeting new people. thanks for keeping us updated!

  • henry 5 years ago

    cool to know i can meet new friends now. keep it rolling.[]

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