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Meet new Christian music duo City Harbor

The name "City Harbor" may be all new to your ears but pretty soon that will be a thing of the past, the Christian music duo comprises of singer/songwriters Robby Earle and Molly Reed. Naturally, both have had experience as singers and songwriters, Molly Reed who happens to be married to Mike Grayson of Christian band MIKESCHAIR has written/co-written songs for Wynonna, Point of Grace, Mikeschair, as well as NBC’s “The Voice” winner Danielle Bradbery, and Molly’s musical hero Amy Grant. On Grant’s recent chart-topper How Mercy Looks From Here, Molly penned two tracks, “Here” and “Not Giving Up” and has also had her work featured in everything from TV’s “One Tree Hill” to “Vampire Diaries.”

City Harbor
The Underground

Robby Earle on the other hand has experimented with a variety of genres and found a comfortable niche as a singer/songwriter, after all music and ministry have always been intertwined in Robby’s life as his mother served as a choir director.

City Harbor on tuesday February 4th released their self-titled debut album. Together they make music so beautiful with vocals complimenting one another.

The Underground had a chat with the group. When asked why the decided on the name "City Harbor," and how the name relates to their music. Robby Earle answered

We wanted a name that was true to what we strive to be as people and musicians. At the same time, we wanted to make it something bigger than us. If you look up the definition of the word ‘city’ in a dictionary, you’ll see it defined as ‘any place where people are gathered.’ Harbor obviously denotes a safe place or sanctuary. We love the idea of our music being a refuge in the midst of all the noise and the craziness. In some sense, we’re all vessels designed for these grand voyages. So often, Christ acts as a harbor, a place for us to rest up and refuel before He sends us back out bearing His name. Our hope is to take part in that process in any way we can. Our prayer is that the Lord would use us to serve His people in that way.

Molly Reed who is an incredible songwriter talked about her transition from being a songwriter to a recording artist.

For me the transition has been very natural. I always knew that one day I wanted to record my own songs and make records, but I wanted it to happen organically. I waited patiently for the right door to open and when City Harbor came into the picture, I knew this was it! Songwriting will always be my first love and I feel SO blessed that I am able to record my songs with Robby and play them for people. Music begins with a song, I just hope to be able to continue to reach people and make music through song.

They duo also talked about the inspiration behind their organic and harmonic pop blend sound.

We were both inspired to write songs that were honest and fresh. We are huge fans of pop music that maintains the organic elements, so we wanted to make sure our record was the same vibe. Both Robby and I are suckers for a good harmony part. Being a duo is allows for so many interesting harmonies and we tried to take advantage of all the opportunities to make each song fresh and original.

While describing the amazing time and the impacts that touring with the likes of Francesca Battistelli, Sidewalk Prophets, Finding Favour, and Mikeschair has had on them, Robby Earle gushed....

It’s been an amazing process. For starters, it’s been an incredible blessing to spend time with people who are doing it right. If nothing else, we’ve learned a lot by osmosis. But the touring life itself is a blast. I’m still a pretty young guy. I don’t have a family of my own yet so it’s a really fun time to be running around all over the country. I think the biggest impact touring has had on me personally is probably a deepened understanding of the nature of community. I think having a solid group of people around who know you and love you is of the utmost importance. On the road, that becomes the bands you’re traveling with. At the same time, I’ve had to be more intentional about keeping up relationships with friends and family back home. Similarly, I’ve had to adjust some things in terms of daily prayer time. It’s easy to get knocked off your routine being away from home. But I’ve found without that constant immersion in God’s word, I can quickly get overwhelmed. Of course, Molly and I’s favorite part of this whole thing is just getting to meet fans. I guess you’re supposed to say that, but honestly, it’s the biggest highlight. Between conversations with promoters and volunteers and moms and kids, we learn so much about who we’re singing to. And I think that, more than anything, gives us fuel to keep writing and playing this stuff.

City Harbor is indeed an act to look out for, after all they have promised to bring to the table songs that are raw and honest with interesting harmonies. Who wouldn't want that?

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