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Meet NeedleHunt, social search for recruitment


A new startup aims to help people search for other professionals on a large scale. NeedleHunt recently jumped into the market with a soft-launch and founders say the technology is already growing quickly. As of right now, an estimated 30 million people are already being tracked by the technology.

NeedleHunt works by reading a number of open platform social networks, like Facebook, Google and Twitter, then consolidates that information into one profile for each person found on the Internet. Founders say NeedleHunt, thereby, becomes the first open graph search engine for people that is absolutely free, allowing you to search for just about anyone by using their individualized professional variables.

In all, the NeedleHunt system reportedly monitors more than 40 social networks. The technology behind it is called SPIDER. This stands for Social Profile IDentity Entity Resolution. Founders say this technology will have wide appeal in the professional world, allowing both recruiters and employers to find suitable and high quality candidates for their open positions. The technology can also be used by the general public. Simply, it collects a person’s full social identity, then catalogs the hundreds of millions of profiles into one simple profile that is easy to scan and use.

NeedleHunt is reportedly different from other existing platforms because it allows you to not only search for people that are already connected to you, but also allows you to search for people not currently connected to you. It also combines a complete social identity with behavioral analysis. NeedleHunt uses a Facebook login, but plans are in place to add additional logins such as Google, Twitter, and possibly even LInkedIn.

Already, founders claim that NeedleHunt includes business users in more than 80 countries, including the United States, India and parts of Europe. As well, more than 500 companies are represented with a user base growing at about 20% each week.

NeedleHunt is self-funded, currently. New investors include Mike Walsh of Structure Capital, an early investor in Salesforce and Uber.