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'Meet My Mom' a romantic Hallmark movie

"Meet My Mom" is a Hallmark Channel Original Movie that stars Lori Loughin, Stephanie Powers, Johnny Messner and Charles Henry Wyson.

When Dana (Lori Loughlin) and Sergeant Vince Carrera (Johnny Messner) in Meet My Mom on Hallmark Channel.
Photo: Alexx Henry /2009 Crown Media.

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Dana Marshall (Lori Loughlin) is a divorcee who has relocated to rural California to live with her mom, Louise Metcalf (Stephanie Powers). Dana is optimistic, but her ten year old son Jared (Charles Henry Wyson) misses his friends and wonders if his dad still loves him. Dana is concerned about her parenting abilities, wondering whether she has made mistakes.

Sergeant Vince Carrera (Johnny Messner) is serving in a U.S.military camp in Bosnia. Mail arrives and the soldiers take a break from playing a pick-up game of softball to pick up their mail. Carrera knows there is no mail for him, since he has been divorced for three years and no one writes to the soldier.

Dana is concerned about Jared, confiding to her mom that she has doiubts about the way she raised her son. Louis encourages Dana, advising her to stay strong.

On Jared's first day at his new school, he is assigned to write a letter to Sergeant Vince Carrera and the two begin to correspond and a friendship develops.

When Vince is on leave, he is inspired to pay a surprise visit to Jared. Dana opens the door and the two are instantly struck by eachother. They start to spend time together as Vince coaches Jared in baseball. Romance blooms, but their blossoming relationship is threatened by a looming deployment and their inability to admit how they feel for one another.

The cast of "Meet My Mom" includes:" Lori Loughlin ("Full House," "When Calls the Heart, "Garage Sale Mystery") as Dana Marshall; Stephanie Powers ("Hart to Hart,""A Ring by Spring," "Reading, Writing and Romance") as Louise Metcalf; Johnny Messner as Sergeant Vince Carrera; and Charles Henry Wyson as Jared Marshall.

Larry Levinson is the Executive Producer, Harvey Frost is the Director and Pamela Wallace is the writer.

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