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Meet Moca: the matured Cocker Spaniel

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Jen Balogh

Among animal rescuers, one of the absolute worst sins a pet owner can make is to carelessly discard their senior pet. Unfortunately, it is seen on a daily basis. Often, the senior pet that is an owner surrender is euthanized quickly at the shelter. But sometimes, blessedly, rescues are able to get to them first. This is Moca’s story.

Moca's Before and After picture
Jen Balogh

Moca, a 10 year old, 32-pound purebred Cocker Spaniel, had a family once. One day, out of the blue, that family decided that they just didn’t want Moca anymore, and planned to drop him off at animal control. A friend of an Angels Among Us Pet Rescue volunteer discovered what was to happen to Moca, and she begged her volunteer friend to find a place in the rescue for him. As animal rescuers do, the volunteer jumped into action, phoning the owners of Moca right away in order to get more information to present to the rescue. Though extremely rude and unpleasant, Moca’s “mom” agreed to keep him for one more day only, so that a foster could be found for Moca. But when the volunteer called the next day to notify the owners that a foster family had been found, she was informed that they had moved and left Moca behind, alone, at the house. After pleading with all her might, the Angels Among Us volunteer was able to convince the owners to surrender Moca at the veterinarian’s office the next day.

Thankfully, Moca was delivered safely to the rescue volunteer at the veterinarian’s office – with nothing but a collar and leash. They had been Moca’s family for 10 years, and they didn’t even have anything to go with him besides a collar and a leash.

Though an incredibly sad situation, it was for the best that Moca came to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. Upon intake vetting, where he was bathed and shaved free of all matts, it was discovered that Moca had severe infections in both his eyes and ears and a yeast infection on his skin. He was also dehydrated, which signaled that he had been left alone in his former owner’s house without any access to water.

Moca’s dedicated foster mom Jen explains, “It took three weeks, two vet visits and two different antibiotics to clear the eye infection. Initially I spent 15 minutes, five times a day cleaning the green, oozing drainage from his eyes; otherwise they would crust shut. It took five weeks, two different antibiotics and three vet visits to get rid of the infection in his ears. We initially thought he was deaf because his ears were so infected he couldn't hear. A week after he was surrendered, he had a mild seizure, and then had another two days later, so he was put on a low dose of Phenobarbital and has not had any seizures since then. Once his eye infection was cleared up, he was diagnosed with mild cataracts and dry eye so he has eye drops to treat the dry eye. He has had his teeth cleaned and a few benign cysts removed and is now, almost two months later, finally ready to be adopted.”

Jen also states that, because of what was done to him, Moca at first suffered from separation anxiety, but that after some time in a Thundershirt and treat-filled toys, he is doing much better. “He is a true Velcro dog and follows me everywhere I go,” Jen says fondly. “Because he is an older dog, he is past the crazy, pesky puppy stages. He is a laid back, go with the flow kind of guy. If you want to play, he wants to play. If you want to watch TV, read or work on the computer, he will just find a good spot on the floor to lie down and chew on a toy or take a nap. He loves kids and other dogs, both big and small. He is very respectful and doesn't get on the furniture unless invited and even then, prefers to lie next to you as opposed to on your lap. He has never shown any resource guarding of food, toys, beds or people. He loves having his belly rubbed. He is totally house trained and has never had an accident in the house. He doesn't need to be crated when people leave the house. He snores,” Jen adds teasingly.

Moca is looking for his true forever home now, and he’s eager to find it. His foster mom hopes that his forever home will have a fenced-in yard, a furry brother for Moca to play with, and a loving family who will be home the majority of the time since Moca loves his people so much.

If you think you may be able to give Moca the forever home he deserves, please visit to fill out an application. You may also contact Angels Among Us for more information by emailing

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