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Meet Merida at Fantasy Faire

Just outside the Meet n Greet for the Disney Princesses, Merida, the strong willed lass from Disney’s Pixar film Brave, chatted with guests while standing under a tree. Girls and boys were pleased to see the latest Disney princess up close and personal.
Daughter of Queen Elinore and King Fergus, Princess Merida is down to earth and easy to talk with. She is just as fun in person as she is in the film. Ask her anything about the story and she’ll answer in detail about her brothers and the fun they have running through the castle.
Looking to meet Princesses at Disneyland? Fantasy Faire is a small area to the west side of the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. From the entrance to Disneyland, walk through to the end of Main Street. On the west side of the center piece statue of Walt Disney & Michkey Mouse you’ll find the entrance to Adventureland, Frontierland, and finally, Fantasy Faire.
In Fantasy Faire, Belle’s father Maurice has a cart with excellent snacks. The olde tyme theatre current features two short plays: Beauty & the Beast and Tangled. Each play performs twice daily. Check the schedule offered at the front gate or stop by to view the theater post for times.
Across from the theater you can meet many of the princesses and have photos taken with royalty. Disney photographers take professional photos and give you an access card to download the memories later.

Merida laughs with guests. Meet Princess Merida at Disneyland.
Kate O'Mara
Princess Merida at Fantasy Faire
Kate O'Mara
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