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Meet Max

Max, Boulder.
Max, Boulder.

Sometimes Boulder fashion leaves much to be desired. Don't get me wrong - 99% of the time I'm a huge fan of the basic jeans and a tee uniform - but sometimes I get the urge to look, you know, nice. And it just feels weird to be wearing my jersey Lanvin dress to Whole Foods. So what do I do? Fly home to San Francisco and book it to Barneys? No. I do what any Boulder Fashionista does: take a walk through Max.

Max is by far my favorite boutique in Boulder, and not just because they sell Bottega Veneta. The selection of clothes are well-picked, and often feature the best designs of the season. I love Lanvin (see comment above) and I was thrilled to see that the store offered a wide selection of his lower priced (but still too expensive for me!) items. My favorites? A grass green high-waisted skirt and a cream colored cotton organza trimmed tee. While they may be high-fashion, the clothes are still Boulder appropriate.

Another great thing about Max is that they sell basics that can be worn all year round. On my most recent visit I left the store lusting after an Elizabeth and James blazer with ruched sleeves, and a bat-winged James Perse cotton dress in slate gray. Sadly (for me), both items still live in the store, so feel free to scoop them up for yourself.

While Boulder firmly remains a Patagonia wearing, Croc walking town, there is still some room for a Chloe bag or two.

Paired with UGGs, of course.