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Meet local farrier Ed Urbanski

Ed and Bee n Bad chase a cow at recent Ranch Horse Show
Ed and Bee n Bad chase a cow at recent Ranch Horse Show
submitted by Ed Urbanski

Meet local farrier Ed Urbanksi

Local farrier Ed Urbanksi of Scotia has spent his entire life working around and enjoying horses and for the past 18 years has owned his own business. Before striking out on his own, he learned the trade as an apprentice from another local farrier. Though he will work with any horse, his specialty is laminitic horses and performance horses.

Typically Ed sees ten horses each day. Many of his appointments include routine hoof care, like trimming and shoeing, but a number of his stops include lameness cases. “I receive a lot of referral work from veterinarians for horses with a lameness problem,” he said.

One of the most sever cases he worked on was a filly race horse who had suffered from colitis and had foundered in all four hooves. One hoof had foundered so severely that the coffin bone penetrated the hoof. “It took two years to get the horse back to being sound. She will never return to racing, but she is pasture sound and is even a broodmare,” he said.

Being a farrier is not an easy job. Some horses are not used to having their feet handled and other hooves have been neglected. “The biggest thing a horse owner can do to make any farriers job is easier is to handle their horse’s feet everyday. This makes it safer for the owner and the farrier and it also means the owner is checking the horses legs and hooves for scratches and bumps and checking the shoes to make sure they are on tight,” he commented.

As busy as his farrier business is, Ed always finds time to enjoy his own horses too.
When not traveling from stable to stable trimming, shoeing and checking in on his client’s horses he can be found riding his own horses and training them for Ranch Horse events, which include reining, cutting, trail and more.

His personal favorite, Duke, named in honor of John Wayne, is Ed’s favorite. Now retired, Duke and Ed participated in countless roping events together. Recently, Ed purchased CD O’Lena his new partner for Ranch Horse Shows, Reining events and all around riding enjoyment.

To contact Ed Urbanksi call 518-441-5986.