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Meet Local Artist Stacy Medaries

Stacy Medaries loved drawing and making things from a young age. Painting gives her joy and makes her feel complete. She says “There have been several periods in my life where things were not so bright and art just helped pull me through them. It is not just something you do, it is part of you and it is who you are. Art is very addictive. But it is an addiction that builds you up, makes you stronger and inspires you.”
Stacy loves life, joy, color, energy and excitement. She is interested in history, spirituality, symbolism, dreams, and hope and is inspired by passion and desire. Stacy feels that we experience life completely through art and that it communicates joy, love, fear, anger, grief and pain. Art makes her more observant of her surroundings, feelings and thoughts.
She is currently working on a series of birds. The bird’s inspiration may have been because of their freedom, their beauty or their symbolism. She decided to paint them until she exhausted all possibilities and then to push it even further. The birds are almost secondary making the paintings more about the lines, color and pattern. Her paintings have a transparent quality, almost as if light is shining through them making them appear to be beautiful stained glass windows.
Stacy is currently working in acrylics but likes other mediums as well. She received her Master in Fine Arts in Ceramic Sculpture at Louisiana Tech in Ruston, La. She plans on working with glass in the future. Stacy is an Instructor of Fine Art at Louisiana Delta Community College. You can see some of her paintings on campus.  You can contact Stacy for more information about her work at or at

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