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Meet local artist Jesse Hattaway

Way To Eternity
Way To Eternity

Jesse is a self taught artist that paints for pure pleasure. When asked what inspires him he simply says “It is like therapy for me”. He has been painting since he was 11 and has not had any formal training. He hopes that his paintings inspire people to look at things differently.


His paintings have a modern retro vibe to them and are filled with color and circles. Jesse, a plumber by trade, uses found objects for some of his design elements. When he finds discarded washers and other circles and shapes he takes them home and uses them for his paintings. He carefully places them on his canvas until he has the pattern he desires. He also built a spinning wheel for his canvases from an old drill. This allows him to put his own unique “spin” on his paintings.

Even more interesting is the medium he uses. His paints come from the local home improvement stores in the “oops” paint section. Jesse also incorporates cans of spray paints in some of his creations to get that airbrushed look. He shows that you can create art without spending a fortune on tubes of paint and special brushes and tools. Using found objects and cans of house paint, Jesse has created a distinct style while he also shows how an artist can be frugal and conscience of our environment.

Jesse Hattaway will be exhibiting his paintings in the Downtown Gallery Crawl on Thursday, February 4th, 2010 from 5-9pm. His work will be shown at The Rising Sun above Coda Grill at 101 N. Grand, Monroe. You can contact Jesse at or at For more information about the Gallery Crawl visit or one of the participating sponsors.


  • Jessie Boyett 5 years ago

    I have a weekly newspaper and Jesse Hattaway is in my Small Groups class at our church. I would like permission to reprint your article about him as an announcement about his art show coming up this week. Please reply to Thanks! Jessie Boyett - Owner Publisher of The Banner

  • Profile picture of Winnie McAdams
    Winnie McAdams 4 years ago

    I like the ideas about the things he uses from the plumbing trade. It is also unique that he uses paint fromt he "oops" department. Thanks for a good article--I enjoyed this.

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