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Meet local artist Jason Byron Nelson

Mind Machine Mary (c) Jason Byron Nelson
Mind Machine Mary (c) Jason Byron Nelson

Jason started drawing as a child and unlike his friends and classmates he never stopped. He majored in Fine Art with a focus in Graphic Design at ULM. He went into advertising to pay the bills. However, his true outlet is fine art. He knew at a young age that he wanted to create art even if it meant drawing for change in a subway somewhere.

Jason Byron Nelson

Jason is inspired by originality and uniqueness whether it is in architecture or music. An attempt at something new gets his attention. He is especially attracted to works that visually interpret the darker facets of life while maintaining a sense of meaning and hope.

Jason says his point of view would change before he finished explaining it. He doesn’t really know what he wants people to get from his work but he knows what he doesn’t want. He doesn’t want indifference. He would rather people hate his work than be bored by it. Boring is not what one would call his work. He is known around the world as the artist of the iconic “Flowers in the Attic” design that is on t-shirts and even tattoos.

He describes his work as having a common thread. It deals with self destruction and innocence within the angst. He uses various mediums and styles from craft paint to graffiti. One of his more recent pieces is painted on a fence panel found in the garbage.

Jason Nelson is currently showing his work at Upstairs at 135 Second St., Monroe, La., by appointment only.  You can see some of his work online at his website and blog at He can be emailed at


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