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Meet local artist Brad Arender


Brad Arender is a local, Monroe, La., photographer that is self taught. When he was 21 he went to The Lost Bazaar gallery and met the owner, Edmund Williamson, and was completely blown away. From there he worked under several professional photographers with on the job training or work shop environments. He credits Edmund Williamson with teaching him about art and living as an artist. Karen Kuhen is the most notable photographer he has worked with.

Brad Arender
Karen Kuhen

Brad is sometimes inspired by the smallest things such as someone's face, words or light. His biggest inspiration is "good design". He describes his work as balanced, emotional and truthful. Photography is part of his communication with the world. Brad is a serious artist but approaches his work with a touch of "light hearted". He wants his work viewed with a certain sense of humor.

Brad is a very accomplished photographer. In addition to having his own gallery in downtown Monroe he has won many numerous awards. He was selected as "Artist of The Year", Northeast Louisiana's Arts Council. 2009. Other awards are:" 8 Gold ADDY Awards, Advertising Agency of Northeast Louisiana, ADDY's Best Use of Photography 2006 "Judges Award", ADDY's Best Use of Photography 2007 "Judges Award", Masur Museum 2nd Place 2nd Annual Member's Exhibition, National Recognized Artist by the National Endowment of the Arts "Triumph over Tragedy Portrait Photography" 2009, National Recognized Artist by the National Endowment of the Arts "Triumph over Tragedy Architectural Photography" 2009.

You can visit Brad's gallery Arender Studio & Gallery at 131 N. 2nd St. Monroe, in the downtown area. His website is , Facebook site is "ARENDER studio". You can contact him at His linkedin profile address: Arender Studio & Gallery will be participating in the Downtown Gallery Crawl on Thursday April 1, 2010. You can see more of his work there and on his website.